100 Joys Project

During the month of December, my friend Sarah is hosting the 100 joys project.  She is challenging us to look for joy in the everyday.

I know I am a little late to the party but I am going to play along.  It is better late than never, right??

It have struggled a little bit in how to present the 100 joys since some of the joys are coming from our daily advent posts or things I have already posted about this month.

I decided on a list.  I like lists, okay not like I LOVE lists.  I can think through lists and organize my joys in list form.

Joy is:

1.  the start of advent

2. decorating for Christmas with little hands helping
 3, 4, 5, & 6.  a SNOW DAY!  forgoing school for playing outside, letting the laundry sit to read a book, bundling up and making snow angels with my preschooler, and feeling okay with missing gymnastics and dance to go sledding.

7 & 8.  letting the kids walk/scooter to book club on the snowy paths instead of driving

9.  seeing my kids work together on advent projects
10.  celebrating the uniqueness of how my kids approach projects
11 & 12.  buying the few grocery items i needed at target instead of going to one more store so the two little ones had enough time to go to BOUNCE before picking morgan up from gymnastics
13, 14, & 15.  letting the list go {this is really hard for me} to head to a weeknight movie with a friend, skype date to meet a blogging friend, and a phone call with a dear friend.  things that refreshed and encouraged me but things i don't do often enough.

16.  saving points on ww to have some bites of peppermint bark {recipe coming}... yum!
 17, 18, 19, & 20.  not freaking out when my husband flooded our laundry room and kitchen... it could have been worse, right??  it gave me the opportunity to clean out some cupboards, it is definitely clean behind our washer and dryer, and hey i might get to replace my linoleum with tile {that is a yeah!}

21.  sipping hot chocolate and watching the nativity story with my little people

22.  letting my sassy little one wear slippers for shoes to church.  she wanted her feet comfy and cozy :o) it made her so happy.
22.  letting the kids create a fort in our bonus room and it stayed up all.day.long
23.  having a "sleepover" with my preschooler.  enjoying time snuggling and reading books.  in a situation that could have been stressful or scary for her we turned it into a great event.
24.  bringing an extra "baby" and car seat on errands.
What joys are you finding in the everyday?


Denise said...

you are awesome letting "marvin" wear her pink slippers to church.

my "grandchildren" (dolls and accessories) are my joys too. last night after josie was in bead "niomi" was laying on the couch waiting to hang out with us "g-parents."

Simply Sara said...

ahhhhhh j.o.y

love this post!

so, possible tile!...hmmm the flooding might have been worth it after all :)
i think i'm going to wear slippers to church. they just look too comfy to pass up.

i have been thinking of joining in with sarah's posts too, but have also struggled with how to do it. but now, i think i'm going to just steal your list idea :)

Sarah Markley said...

yes, i also think marvin looks sassy. =)

miss you girl.