100 Joys Project - Part 3

I am linking up again with my friend Sarah for her 100 joys project.  You can read my first two parts here and here.

Joy is:

60.  eating cookies.
 61.  having neighbors who have become our family.
 62.  my boy wearing a glove on his hand to help him to stop sucking his thumb.
 63.  peppermint cake balls. please and thank you.
 64, 65, & 66.  a hot cup of candy cane lane tea in a cup my kids created and wrote a message for me.
 67.  my baby using a decorating tube as a microphone.
 68, 69, & 70.  playing Just Dance on the wii - laughing, singing, laughing, dancing, and laughing some more.

 71.  lefse.
 72.  my baby twirling in her pretty dress by the tree.
 73.  watching my boy read.
 74.  family movie night... including the dogs.
 75.  watching my kids snuggle together during their camp out.
 76.  celebrating Jesus' birthday!
 77.  Mauryn dressing her baby in an outfit similar to hers
 78 & 79.  getting results of Mauryn sleep study and knowing their is a solution.
80.  the way Mauryn says things like alligator for elevator or when she tells us things like "oh yeah baby", "sweet", "i nailed it", "oh rats" or her latest "don't even fink about it"
81.  playing hide and seek
 82.  having four of our teen girls for a Christmas break sleepover.
 83.  watching my kids open their gifts and seeing their excitement
84 & 85.  surprise guests showing up at our door on Christmas day night and launching candy {with a balloon launcher} into our house and yard.  my kids LOVED it!

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