100 Joys Project -Part 4

I am finishing up my 100 joys for the month of December.  You can read the first three parts here, here, and here.

Joy is:

86.  a gift from a friend that shows that they know you and appreciate who you are even if they don't eat hot dish!

87 & 88.  watching Landon wanting to cook his own breakfast and make breakfast for his sister
 89.  the target dollar section.... cute erasers make great math manipulatives
 90.  a mess kitchen helper
 91 & 92.  Landon ready for attack on our Sunday night teen group and watching the nerf war that ensued throughout our house
 93.  letting the kids shower and bathe in their bathing suits
 94.  Mauryn wanting to eat for the first time after surgery
 95.  snuggling with a warm blanket fresh from the wash
 96.  using oranges for bowling balls
 97.  spending New Years Eve with friends where kids and conversation flowed freely and comfortably
98.  a morning spent in comfy clothes playing games
 99 &100.  having a skype date with blog friends and creating our own skype conference when we couldn't get ichat up or skype 3 way conferencing to work.  smiles, laughter, good conversation.
Thank you to Sarah for starting this project.  It has been a good discipline for this month and one I will continue throughout the year.  I will be posting once a week the joy found in the everyday as a focused effort to be more intentional and joyful.


Denise said...

that last picture is PRICELESS!

you MUST f.b. it to me.

it is the first picture of the three of us together.

and i will never eat hot dish, even if it is "heavenly."

love you.

Janelle said...

Loved all your JOYS!

Susan said...

This is a great idea. Can't wait to follow it. I may steal this idea.

Jean said...

I saw that "Hot Dish Heaven" book at Barnes & Noble and nearly purchased it for myself! :)

Sounds like you had a fantastic month of December. Happy New Year, and all the best in 2011!

Simply Sara said...

HAHA! i want that picture too :)

and you'll have to send me your fav recipes from that book, along with your tatertot one!
mmmmm casseroles. i need to get some made and thrown in the freezer before this baby decides to come!

love and miss you!

Lynn said...

I want in on that conference skype next time!!! ;o)

Those are all wonderful things to be thankful for. So glad your wee one is doing well. We are thanking the Lord for our healthy girls tonight.