Celebrating the 100th Day of School

As Landon looked at our calendar and noticed we were almost to the 100th day of school he exclaimed "yes we are almost to the 100th day and school will be over!"

I guess he doesn't remember from last year that even though we celebrate our 100th day we still have about 70 days of school left.

Needless to say on day 101 I had a very disappointed boy.

The kids started the day by using their cute little selves to make the number 100.
We spent our morning focusing on activities around the number 100.
* making 100 day crowns and used 100 items to decorate them
* spent 100 seconds doing push ups {morgan - 80, landon - 73} and jumping jacks {morgan -125, landon - 120}
*writing their names with 100 dots
* read a 100 days poem with 100 words
* drawing pictures of what they would look like when they were 100 years old
* pick a spot and take 100 steps 
* writing what they would buy if they had $100 {mauryn - american girl doll, landon - "mote" control helicopter, morgan - cell phone and cell phone service}
* researching who our president was 100 years ago {william taft} and notable news stories of 100 years ago {new york public library opened}
* used a 100 charts and dice to play a math game
* we met friends at an indoor play center and played for 100 minutes
* their favorite .... 100 day snack.  there are 10 items and take 10 of each item


Janelle said...

When I taught kindergarten this day was so fun! You do the coolest things. Great job!

Personally I loved 101 day the best. We dressed in white and covered ourselves with black dots, made puppy chow and watched 101 Dalmatians. Too fun!

Love ya!

Kym said...

our 100 day is next week :) I was talking to Scott about what to do that day. Thank you for some fun ideas!!!

Denise said...

josie is peaking over my shoulder. now she knows you are cool and i am not.

OCMom said...

You have the best ideas! We just got to 100 days and Lauren got so excited just to write "100" on her chart and didn't seem to need more...luckily because I had forgotten to plan anything! I wonder if I'll be more organized next year...hmm...:)

Alana said...

I can't even tell you how I much I love their 100 picture! Too cute!!

Jeni said...

Love all your ideas. I want 100 snacks!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I think we have another week or so to get to 100. Not so bad for my first year on my own. Diligence pays off and you guys will be so excited to be done in the spring.

Simply Sara said...

ahhh. ok. so i seriously smiled through your entire post.
love your creativity.

you are the coolest teacher ever.