Halloween 2011

our halloween this year was unusual.

it was chilly.
the chilliest and windiest halloween we've had since we moved here.

since halloween fell on a monday night, mauryn had her dance class.
she could have missed class but our little dancer did not want to miss class.
i took her to dance.
she was the only one who showed up.
i wasn't really surprised.
she got to wear her costume, have her teachers attention all to herself, and practice her christmas dance.
she was in her element.

usually we walk the neighborhood with our neighbors and some of our friends.
but this year with mauryn's dance class falling in the midst of prime time trick or treating we allowed 
morgan to go trick or treat with a friend in her neighborhood,

and landon to trunk or treating with a neighbor.

i was left with only this little lady to take trick or treating.

i was a little sad that my kids weren't together to trick or treat.
especially these two who are best buds.
this year, its how things worked out.
the kids had a great time which makes this mama's heart happy.

i was able to spend my night with this goofball,

walking the neighborhood on a chilly night, collecting treats,
and coming home to warm up with the fire and hot chocolate.

Happy Halloween!

what was a highlight from your halloween?


MusicMama said...

I had 2 highlights this year. Just having us all together was huge for me, even Dad got to be with us this year. Now that my oldest is a sophmore, I realize we only have a few celebrations of these types left before she is off to other things. As it was, she only wore her costume and chose not to actively collect candy, which I thought was pretty mature of her. The other big highlight was going to my Grandma's senior living center and trick or treating. They were all sitting one of the common areas passing out their stashes tot he kiddos. I had no idea what was going on beofre we got there, but it warmed my heart to see everyone's delight at our truckload of girls (I was with my sister) and, just like with my oldest, my time with my grandma is very precious to me.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

So cute! I love that you colored your Tinkerbelle's hair. Claire would NOT let me do that. Glad you had a great halloween (despite being split up)

{cuppakim} said...

so super cute! :) glad you got the extra special holiday time with mauryn! :) i bet she loved it!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Fun costume!! Our highlight was trick-or-treating with friends!