PinterTest Kitchen

my friend jessica is hosting a pinterest linky party.

i am so excited about this idea!
i have pinned many a great recipe or idea and done nothing with them.
i am not even sure what i have pinned anymore.
i feel like my boards need a little love and organization.
this is the perfect opportunity to go through my boards and test out some of the inspiration i have found on pinterst. 

i found this recipe last summer and tried it out then. i loved having an excuse to make it again to share with you.
the day i saw it on pinterest i knew i had to try it.
it involved a chocolate chip cookie.
if you know me or have read this blog for any amount of time you know i have a slight love affair with chocolate chip cookies. 

the recipe was for a pizookie or a deep dish cookie.

i love my chocolate chip cookie recipe so i used my recipe instead of the one on the website.

 i used my large and medium pampered chef cookie scoops to fill the ramekin.
once i put the cookie dough in the ramekin i spread it out with a spoon to make a smooth surface.

place the ramekin on a baking tray to bake.
then place in the oven and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.
when taking the pizookie off the baking sheet to serve, you will want to use a pot holder or towel as the ramekin will be extremely hot. 
top the pizookie with a dollop {or two or three} of ice cream.
the ice cream melts since the pizookie is warm.
it is like heaven in a little cup.

i saw this cheesy chicken lasagna on pinterest yesterday.
it was a cold and rainy day and this recipe looked like the perfect comfort food for dinner.
although it takes a bit of prep time before putting the lasagna together, it was worth it.
it was really good.
it got a thumbs up from the peanut gallery.
if the kids like it, that is success.
this recipe will definitely be making its appearance on our meal plan again.

have you tried any pins from pinterest yet?
did you find success or was it a flop?


Denise said...

i NEED one of YOUR cookie pizookies.

i would eat that lasagna because it is NOT a casserole.

{cuppakim} said...

TWO pintertests? super overachiever right here.

i wish idaho wasn't so crazy far.

i mean you are whipping up dinner AND dessert. yes please!

sarah said...

i love the vairety of recipes on pinterest.

i have a variation of this : http://pinterest.com/pin/284840714/ in the crock pot now (wihtout the cream cheese, add onion).

the pretzel bites (http://pinterest.com/pin/127297632/) made with a whole wheat dough were really good. (but must be eaten same day or they loose their crunch).

the single serve egg-less cookie dough was perfect for some home made cookie dough icecream. http://pinterest.com/pin/96490260/

and these pumpkin scones were a good jumping point for some i made last week! http://pinterest.com/pin/241967930/

(did i mention im a huge fan of pinterest for collecting great recipes? possibly addicted to it.)

Jessica Johnson said...

do you guys have BJ's in idaho? they have the BEST pizookie! but yours looks almost exactly the same... i bet you would give them a run for their money. AND lasagna? you ARE an overachiever.

thanks for linking up, friend! :)

Kimberlee said...

My family is going to LOVE the pizookie. Jessica commented on BJ's and we love that place, but we don't have them in Kansas!

Amy said...

I have yet to try a pazookie but I do know all about them...there are some ramekins in my cupboard that need to come out...now! Thanks for the nudge! ;-) and that lasagna....YUM!

TDM Wendy said...

Both look so good! Love pizookies!