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it's friday.

this week has felt like it went on forever.

i have been in recovery mode from being gone last weekend.

yesterday was running a bunch of errands.
today we will be organizing, cleaning, and laundry before a full weekend.

 last friday morning we had the opportunity to go to a special screening of A Dolphin's Tale.
we met up with a friend and her kiddos for the screening.
the kids were thrilled as part of the special screening was popcorn and a drink.
the movie was great.

 i whipped up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies to take with me to cali
pretty sure she would have left me at the curb at LAX without them

 a highlight of the weekend was meeting sweet joy after being bloggy friends for almost 4 years

 the blog sugar loveliness on our tables
on monday after blog sugar, we had breakfast at the camp in costa mesa
each parking spot had a saying
we all loved this one: show up for life
yes, show up for life.
be intentional
be present.
live a good story.

monday afternoon back to LAX for my flight home

this boy spends most afternoons playing football with the other boys in the neighborhood
he plays football until its time to go to football practice
he is living and breathing football right now... at least until basketball starts

working math with my boy
i am so happy lance put up these white boards in our school room
it makes teaching so much easier when we have a big space to write on

 she was NOT tired
she did NOT need a nap
pretty sure she was right :O)
i went outside to get the mail the other morning 
the sun was shining
it was warmish
so i sat down in the grass to sort the mail and sneak a minute of quiet

 mauryn has been working on this move
she thinks its pretty cool she can touch her toes to her head

 a very full afternoon of errands
a sonic happy hour stop is a requirement to get us through the rest of the afternoon
i did go through a little sonic withdrawal while in cali
so happy to be reunited with my diet dr pepper with cherry and the sonic ice... yummy!
this guy had a football scrimmage last night
in 85 degree temps
when will fall ever get here??

what was the highlight of your week??

linking up with jeannett for insta friday

life rearranged



{cuppakim} said...

biggest blog sugar regret (besides not photoboothing and cotton candying)?

not harassing you and denise for one of those cookies.


lolly said...

Yum @ those treats! And I was in LA earlier this week as well :)

hannah singer said...

your kids are ADORABLE. just like you.
was dolphin's tale good? we don't have a sonic here...horrible way to live, without sonic!

happy weekend to you, friend!