Ten on Ten : September 2011

ten on ten: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

i didn't exactly get ten pictures in ten consecutive hours or this post would be really boring. 
we spent many of our saturday hours {5 hours to be exact} watching football or waiting for a football game to start.

my morning started out with miss jill jill.
her new dvd just came out and i love it.

 after i let jillian kick my toosh i hoped on the spin bike
this little bike has been my go to cardio when i can't get out on a run or get to the gym

first thing on our agenda saturday morning was landon's game
it was a gorgeous morning
sun shining, perfect temperature
we watched my little man play some mean defense
 and run the ball in for a TD {whoop!}

highlight of the day: the mister got 4 1/2 flags on defense and was the hawk of the day {his team is the skyhawks}  he was pretty pumped!

we found a shady spot to sit for a bit, have a little snack, and then went to watch our friends son play in his tackle football game
when we got to the game our friends youngest son came over to say hi to our kids and he was wearing a shirt to support his brother. our friends son and landon have the same number for football. they thought that was pretty cool.
 on a side note the little guy next to landon is two days younger than mauryn and he is almost the same size as landon :o)

by the time that second game got over the temperature had risen to about 90 degrees
we were all roasting and a little tired from being at the football field since 9 am
the game ended in perfect time for the perfect pick me up
sonic happy hour!

once we got home i got into project mode and spent the rest of the night tackling my to do list
i quick made a zippered pouch to give as a gift

i finally finished my kids art on the go trays that i started about 2 weeks ago
i knew when i saw this tutorial that i had to make these for my two little ones
we are in the car many hours a week and i knew these trays would be perfect
so i had them primed and painted but hadn't gotten to getting the fabric on the can or the tray
so nice to have this off my list and i have two little people ready to use them

i finished my night by working on lesson plans for school and prepping for the two classes i am teaching at our homeschool coop.
such an exciting saturday night, huh?
it was nice to get some stuff checked off the to do list

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Brooke said...

Your kiddos are darling! Love the football shots ;D And those art trays are darling!!
Lovely 10.