Going Forward

i have been in a bit of a tug of war with blogging.

i feel pulled to sit down and write, post pictures, and update the blog but when i head toward the computer i sit there and just don't even know where to begin.  i have a long list of "to do" posts as well as pictures to download and edit.  i haven't even added current happenings to my "to do" list yet.  oh and the highlighted number on my google reader is out of control. aah! {taking a deep breath}

i have felt very overwhelmed with where to even begin and instead of beginning somewhere i have just been ignoring my blog.  do i start with current events? do i post all of summer and then start on current events?  how do i go about getting caught up?

the task has seemed very daunting.  so daunting that i have been thinking about hanging up my bloggy hat.  i never wanted my blog to be something that caused me anxiety or to be an added stress. it was meant to be a means of updating our family and friends on our life in idaho as well as serve as our family scrapbook of memories for each year.  

i have been really struggling with what to do and was looking for a clear direction.

last week i received a comment on a post from my niece who is in australia studying for the semester:

sometimes it just takes a little knock over the head note to get some clarity.

even though i am behind and feeling a bit overwhelmed in getting caught up, my blog is serving its original purpose in keeping our family and friends updated. it is a memory book of our life each year in idaho.

it isn't about having to be totally up to date {in a perfect world that would be nice :o)}.  it isn't about the number of followers {i am truly grateful for my readers}, and it isn't about the community and friendships {it's been a HUGE added benefit. i have been blessed with some amazing friendships created right here over the internet }. this blog.... it's about recording our life.  i am behind because we spent our summer enjoying and delighting each other.  we spent our summer living a good story.  

at the end of the day that's what matters. thanks hannah for your perfectly timed comment!

***i am going to slowly but surely work on posting and editing pictures. my "plan" is to start with current and slip in some of our summer fun as well.  i am going to hit mark as read on google reader and start over. i am apologizing for not getting your posts read or commenting.  i have to just start over with current or i won't be able to climb out of the google reader hole.


OCMom said...

I know we don't know each other but I really love reading about your family and my kids love to look at the pictures of "the blog kids from Idaho"...Even though you say this blog is just about updating family and friends, you have given a complete stranger some great insight on homeschooling, things to do with kids and that extra oomph needed some days to just let us be a family and go do fun things! You may feel like your blog is just to keep family updated but it's been an inspiration to me on many of days! Go forward! There are many times I hit "mark as read" and don't look back! It's a new beginning and us Tampa folk look forward to keeping up with you Idaho-ians:)

Kara Franklin said...

Oh - i love reading your blog posts and I see you often and don't really need updates but I would be sad if you quit. I have felt the same way recently because I just don't have the time - but I keep reminding myself that if I do quit then I will wish that I hadn't. Good luck!

Stacey said...

I'm another one that really likes your blog....and my kids really, really like your blog! Even though we are just pen pal family friends I feel like we have gotten to know you and I'm sure that is because of the blog (and you probably wish we had one to share - sorry). Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I never know if you are behind because I don't know what goes on when with you guys, but do know that I really like when there is a new post (in fact, Anna always excitedly yells when there is a new post)! Keep up the good work, you are such a good mom, friend, crafter, etc. that we have enjoyed getting to know!

{cuppakim} said...

i am glad you aren't giving up just yet.

but i know what you mean about keeping it up...it is hard. especially when real life beckons. :)

hence no posts from me this week....so far. whoops.

but i'm so glad you are a bloggity blogger - because we get to meet in less than two weeks. woo to the hoo!

Lynn said...

My life has been crazy. I'm in a complete blogging funk. Google reader over 400. I get it. Love you. Keep posting....when it is fun and not stressful.