WIWW: Blog Sugar Edition

since i was at blog sugar this past weekend, i decided join in with lindsey and document some of my outfits.

a few disclaimers: i do not like having my picture taken let alone taking self portraits.  so in some pictures i look like i am in pain. i was... this was painful!

i took the photos on my iPhone in the hotel room in cali.  i know the lighting isn't the best but since i was not comfortable with the pics i was too lazy to go close the curtains and do the pics over again. so these pics will have to do :o)

saturday: travel day
jeans: maurices
top: maurices
tank: modbod
shoes: target kids section
bracelet: gift from sarah

sunday: lunch and a little shopping
jeans: maurices
tanks: maurices
shoes: kohls
earrings/necklace: maurices
bracelet: gift from sarah

sunday pm: BLOG SUGAR
jeans: maurices
tanks: maurices
earrings/necklace: maurices
ring: ny company
bracelets: gift from sarah/lisa leonard

monday: travel day
jeans: maurices
tank: mod bod
shirt: maurices
earrings: ny company
bracelet: same
flip flops: old comfy tevas


Denise said...

i didn't even notice the cute shoes you wore to lunch before the sugar.

are they plaid!? how could i have missed them.

{cuppakim} said...

cute outfits! you have some serious guns - which explains why you rock those tank tops so well!