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it's friday already

it's two weeks worth of pictures....AGAIN!

i think we are finally hitting our stride with our school schedule, football, gymnastics, etc...
it feels good to be in a routine and finding our groove

landon had his football kick off jamboree
after the jamboree his team had a potluck and pool party at the coaches house
i could hardly get my kids out of the pool
landon my dare devil decide to just throw out a front flip off the board
and he landed it
over and over and over again

then he came home and started his "workout"
push ups on the bench

holding the hollowman
{a contest with his baby sister of course}

and working on his headstand
{he held that headstand for 1 minute and 40 seconds}

my boy still LOVES his drum set
he spends some time most day jamming out
the boys got some rhythm

some of the bounty from our garden

family game night

dear skinny cow cookies and cream ice cream sandwich
i think i love you

summer to do list... we got almost all of it done
time to say good bye
the white board is needed for school

my boys favorite part of his grammar lessons
clapping out syllables
i am buying ear plug
this boy is a LOUD clapper

this girlie loves doing her school work with the big kids
she was working on patterning
BSU pattern of course
then she made a black and white pattern for her dad
a cow pattern of course

it was a chilly morning
i dragged these kiddos out of bed before the sun was even thinking of rising
we loaded up blankets and jackets
we were on our way to the boise balloon classic
 there may have been some grumbles
but it was all worth it
to see 40 balloons launch at sunrise over our capital city

 it's definitely allergy season
my nightly ritual.... eye drops, nasal spray, and allergy meds with decongestion
thanks idaho for the allergies
as much as i love summer and the warm days
i am really ready for the first frost so i can breathe normally again

 it's the start of college football season
our Boise State Broncos played the Georgia Bulldogs 
this is how my boys roll while they watch the game
they don't get excited at all

 the first batch of canned salsa.... YES!
i love love love this salsa
i am gladly making room in my pantry for these jars

 when i was pregnant with landon i craved grilled cheese sandwiches
during my last week of pregnancy i was on bed rest and i ate a grilled cheese sandwich every day
fast forward 7 1/2 years and my boys love grilled cheese sandwiches
he asks for them a few times each week for lunch 
i finally just showed him how to make them
he has made a grilled cheese sandwich every single day since then
sometimes he makes them for his sisters too
he told me he makes the best grilled cheese in the world
i believe him

 i cleaned out closets last weekend 
on tuesday i took the kids out shopping to fill in the gaps on what they needed for fall
this guy is not big on shopping
he doesn't mind target, costco, etc... but he isn't a fan of the mall or at least not hours in the mall with his sister
while morgan was shopping in a store and starting her piles
this guy took a ride
it was worth the .50 to get him through the rest of the shopping trip

 magic milk flavoring straws... 
a hit with the kids
i like that they can give the milk a hint of flavor but it isn't overload

 dinner saver
with football practice and gymnastics pick up all happening around dinner time
this crock pot has been my best friend lately

 nothing like goofing with a good friend
chalk covered cuties

 alvin the leopard just hanging around
there is never a dull moment with landon
that boy is always thinking and coming up with something
yesterday he decided to take some of our math manipulatives and string up alvin
he had him hanging down from the banister and tied to a bedroom door
alvin didn't stand a chance

what happens when landon has a box, marker, and utility knife during quiet time?
he takes the box and turns it into a jeep of course

how was your week?
what's on tap for your weekend?

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I'm Holly said...

Great summer list. It is somehow so right that you have it on a white board, ephemeral, just like summer.

Mindy said...

Summer list is such a good idea, going to do that next year. Maybe I'll try a winter list.

Stopping by from Life Rearranged :)

Casa De Luna said...

I love your summer bucket list. Even more impressive is that you have so many boxes checked off. I think the balloon launch would be a neat experience.

PamJ said...

First of all - I clicked over to your blog from Life Rearranged because you had the balloons in your pic and I have them in my post too, well only two, not a whole sky full!
Second - end of summer/fall I get allergies too and blame it on harvest. Unfortunately my oldest does now too :(
Looks like you got a lot checked off your summer list!

Linda Z said...

You get such awesome pics of your kids! They have the cutest smiles! Hope you have an awesome time at Blog Sugar!! :)