Insta Joys

it's finally FRIDAY!!

i have thought it was friday since about wednesday which makes for one long week.

we' ve been crazy busy with kids' activities and school.  
so once again two weeks worth of iphone photos.

landon has some crazy muscle definition for a 7 year old boy.
like c.r.a.z.y
he is strong
he throws out pulls out like nothing
someday i'd love to do one
the other night he did 7!

game face on
he is loving football
his team, the skyhawks are undefeated so far
there are only 2 kids who will move onto tackle next year
for the first two games this guy was hawk of the game...getting the most flags

i finally finished up these art on the go trays
my kids have loved them
they are perfect for the many hours we are in the car each week or for mauryn to use at landon's games/practice

this little lady mastered monkey bars at the gym
she is pretty excited

dance started up again
she has been waiting and waiting for this day to come all summer long
dance is her passion right now

little miss had a run in with a metal pole at the playground
i thought we had two teeth that were going to fall out but they weren't even loose
so a trip to the dentist ensued
we are in a holding pattern hoping they stay in as long as possible

someone likes to take my phone and take self portraits
always a treat to see this face when i upload pictures

one of our college kids gave landon some football pads
he got his pads on and was ready for some football

 our first field trip of the fall was to the botanical gardens
we've lived here six years and i have never been there in the daylight
we usually go in the winter for their winter garden a glow celebration
the kids loved it
the weather was perfect, they were able to do a little hiking, and learned about plants native to idaho
we did the lewis and clark field trip... lewis and clark found 260 different plants on their journey and 120 of those plants came from idaho
 oh someone found my phone again
morgan has been taking stills at landons games so i can get some video
she is loving her job as photographer in training {although she would tell you she doesn't like it because she is almost a teenager and admitting you like it would be so uncool!}

 new kicks for my little lady
she can run SO much faster now

 sonic happy hour... i do love you!
i am totally in love with their diet dr. pepper with cherry
it is my absolute favorite

 landon was working on his bible verse for his sunday school class
he got up to find a highlighter to mark it in his bible
made his mama's heart smile
 landon can be the master procrastinator when it comes to his school work
his latest form of procrastination was creating a tic tac toe board and then cutting out x's and o's from paper to play the game

as i was walking around the house the other day i noticed that pretty much any piece of wooden furniture had a tape cross on it with some decorations
courtesy of mauryn

how was your week?

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Simply Sara said...

joy, joy, JOY!
man i have missed coming on here.

you my friend are beautiful.
your mama heart- just beautiful.

can't wait to give you a real live hug at the ranch.

have fun this weekend!


Simply Sara said...

p.s i still can't get over landon's pull ups. crazy.

Three's 4 Me said...

There's no way that little boy is 7!!! What a strong little man! Just dropping in from Instafriday!

Cheyanne said...

This is so darling. Reminds me of my childhood. Happy, Happy kids!

Genn said...

Hi Kristen!
It was So nice meeting you and chatting at our table at blog sugar! I look forward to seeing what's new in your world through the blog. Love that I get to see tid bits of Idaho too. ;)