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we've had our first round of fall colds in the house
stuffy noses and coughs
so happy for the weekend to have some down time and hopefully beat these colds

we made a quick impromptu trip to the pumpkin patch
there is a new pumpkin patch that opened about 2 miles from our house
it is just a pumpkin patch... no fanfare
just walk out in the field and pick your pumpkins

a little saturday pinterTEST kitchening
monster cookie bars {not great but i think they need to be baked for less time so they'd be chewier}
cookie dough dip {swoon. amazing. could eat it with a spoon.}
sweet and salty snack mix {who knew fritos with chocolate were good}

mauryn slept with braids in on saturday night
she woke up on sunday with a little wave in her hair
she walked up to me, swung her little head, and said "i have hair like taylor swith"

a little someone in my house has a birthday coming up
i've been in denial that she will be 5
i've put off the party planning
then someone kept bugging me about her party so i had to climb out of denial and get on the party planning train

mauryn was invited to a mickey and minnie themed birthday party
the party favors: minnie ears and a t shirt

i have my fellow homeschool moms over once a month for food and fellowship
this was our spread this month

i ordered morgan a few new things for fall
it's always a gamble when i order her clothes without her approval
this time all items made her cut

we had our last day of fall break on tuesday :o(
we did a little bit of school but most of the day was relaxed
we decided to celebrate our last day by going to see Lion King 3D
it was hilarious watching mauryn reaching out to touch everything

hello free sonic
fill out an online survey and get a free route 44 drink
you don't have to ask me twice

landon and mauryn needed an activity one afternoon
they decided to paint their pumpkins

painting pumpkins in the sunshine = happy happy kids
phase 2 of orthodontic treatment has started
full set of braces

landon has developed a love for all things star wars in the last year
when i saw there was a stars wars lego advent calendar i knew it would be perfect for him
now the challenge will be to keep him out of the calendar until december

landon's christmas list
posted on the wall in front of my desk
he also has his list on the white board in the school room
 pretty sure i've got an idea of what he would like
at least this week as his list seems pretty fluid at the moment
changing whenever he finds something new or different

how was your week?

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Genn said...

Hi kristen!
"hair like taylor swith"! love it, too cute!
I bet your weather has started to really feel fallish up there huh? Wish it would do the same here. It's sunny and warm, at least good for spray painting outdoors. ;)

Genn said...

oh and yes, GO BSU!!!! :)

Renee said...

LOVE it. The kinky hair, the yummies, the almost-5-year-old (did I know that Mauryn and Allie are only a few months apart?). Love the clothes you ordered- you have great taste! Every time I see a glimpse into your life I think "I want to visit!" Thanks for sharing. :)

hannah singer said...

monster cookie bars. yes.
love all the fun color in this post.
and i want that advent calendar! ;)