Insta Joys

i am so thankful its friday
i am in need of a quiet weekend at home.
it will be a weekend trying to conquer a mile long to do list BUT
our calendar is basically empty. 
landon loves music
he has the radio on or iTunes and is constantly singing and listening to music
i was not surprised when i found him with headphones on jamming to Bieber
he worked diligently and no complaints about having to do school work
as Mel would say FTW {for the win}

sundays involve prepping for school and coop classes
i was making happy little dice for a math game for my coop class

i found landon asleep on his bean bag the other night
he just looked so sweet {and big} sleeping there
mauryn is going to be a flower girl in a wedding in december
her dress arrived in the mail the other day
she was so excited to try it on
getting her to take it off was a challenge
it is now hidden in my closet where it will remain safe until december
thanks to ebay for the dress NWT for $22
this is the third year we have had season tickets to Boise State Football
usually lance and one of the big kids heads to the game with our tickets
the kids love it and it saves money not having to hire a sitter so many weekends in the fall
last weekend our neighbors had extra tickets so lance, the big kids, and i went to the game
it was a gorgeous fall day, great atmosphere, and fun game
i heart college football

its cold season
this little bug was starting to cough
we pulled out the neb before it turned into anything yucky

party prepping is in full swing
my party idea has shifted a bit since mauryn decided on her theme way back in july
i was on the hunt for some parfait glasses
i had been to a few stores with no luck
but target saves the day!

our church had their annual harvest party
its always a highlight for the kids
 the dressing up, the games, the candy, the face painting
they love it all
{morgan was a green fairy, landon was prince caspian, and mauryn was lucy pevensie}

i was twister
i work the registration table every year
i scored that job when i was about a week away from having mauryn
i love getting to see every family who walks through the door
it is the easiest and best job and the harvest party

more party prepping
my sewing machine and i are having many late night dates
so thankful for netflix streaming and tivo to help me pass the time

how was your week? what's on your agenda for the weekend?

life rearranged


Denise said...

that twister costume is genius! did you make it? i need it. miss you friend.

oh and i think you should spend your quiet weekend in cali helping us at our new casa! :-0

The Morris Family said...

Sounds like a fun party in the making!!!

And the twister costume is awesome!!!

Renee said...

The costumes are great. especially Twister. :) Did you make the kids costumes?
I think it's fun that you guys go to college football games...someday soon we'd love to get season tickets here.
Enjoy your somewhat slower-paced weekend!

Jeannett said...

your costume?
love it.
and target?
i mean, really.
it's just awesome.

{cuppakim} said...

you're rocking that twister, sister!
seriously so clever!

and i agree, you DO have the best job ever!

and that flower girl dress is so pretty on Mauryn! :)
ebay FTW! :)

Cori H. said...

My dream is to go to a football game at BSU. I live in North Carolina, so it's pretty far away, but I hope to get there one day. I love your Twister costume!