Braces Update #1

Morgan had her first check up with the orthodontist since getting her braces on 8 weeks ago.  It is AMAZING how fast her teeth have moved into place.  The two teeth that were crooked are already straight. Yesterday they put chains (yes chains) on her teeth to move them together.  She will have these on for 7 weeks and then get a new wire and prepare for her retainer. Morgan was able to pick new band colors yesterday and since it is competition season for gymnastics she picked the colors of her gym - black and green - Go Danik!

It was snowing yesterday as we left for Morgan's appointment.  The older kids were getting their coats and boats on in the garage (still out there from skiing the night before) and I came out to find Landon like this:
That boy and his ski helmet!  He wanted to make sure he didn't get any snow on his head. I think he accomplished his task.  He wore that helmet to the orthodontist, taking Morgan to gymnastics, the grocery store, and playing outside in the snow.  He was quite a sight and gave many who saw him a good chuckle yesterday!


Dave and Jenni said...

That's hilarious about Landon - loved the picture!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how young they are beginning to put braces on children. Back in the days when I had them, I was in High school and had to wear them for a long time too.

Short Stop said...

AWESOME pic of Landon. That's a boy for you!