Happiness Is .....

 I am following Sarah's lead this morning! Here are the first (very random) thoughts that came to my mind that brought some happiness today:

- a family breakfast this morning
- vacuumed floors and a clean kitchen
- my kids laughing and playing together
- Schwan's French Vanilla ice cream (only available at the holidays) and crushed oreos - YUM!
- a complete workout this morning with no interruptions -just me, the elliptical, and the TiVo
- stay at home days - in pj's or comfy clothes and no place to go :o)
- snuggling in with the kids for bedtime stories
- quiet time with a good book
- a nap
- a weekend away with my family 
- a fountain soda
- watching my kids learn something new
- my baby taking her first steps
- being with friends who make me laugh
- an ever growing  list of books to read for 2008  thanks to my fellow bloggers and readers
- the new friends I have made through blogging 


Dave and Jenni said...

Many fun things!! It's nice to be reminded of what brings a smile! :)

Rohal Call said...

I am following Sarah's lead today too. Ahh...Schwan's ice cream....such wonderful, yummy memories.

Earen said...

I love reading your favorite things!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Oreos and icecream!

I'm not so sure that I would rush the baby;s first steps though! :)