The 3 am Wake Up Call

Beep. Beeeep Beeeep. Beep.  Shake the cobwebs from my sleepy head.  What is making that noise.  Lance's pager.  Check my watch. It is 3 am. Lance gets up and heads out into the cold, wind, and rain to help a cow have her calf.  Thank you Lance for being dedicated to your job, for not complaining about the wake up call, and for being quiet so I could fall back asleep.  I am thankful it is Saturday so you can go back to sleep after returning home. Sleep well!


Earen said...

Wow, how exciting! My boys would just love to see that happen. 3am doesn't sound too exciting though!

Rojas' said...

Wow - that is commitment! Did everything come out ok????? :}

Short Stop said...

OH wow...now that is early. GREAT it happened on a Saturday.