It is time

to start school again and get back to our "normal" schedule and routine.  Between the two little ones being sick at the beginning of break and Morgan still having gymnastics practice, it didn't feel like we had much of a break.  

I did get most of my Christmas break to do list accomplished. Since I was housebound with Mauryn for most of break, I was able to get many closets cleaned out, the school room and laundry room closets cleaned and organized, and the kids' bedroom closets and bookshelves organized and even two weeks worth of school planning - yeah!  It felt so good to get that stuff done, but  I was feeling like Morgan and Landon didn't get to have much fun over their Christmas break. So, last Thursday I called to get a babysitter for Mauryn so I could take Morgan and Landon to see Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium. The movie was now playing at the cheap theater, which was great for the price but it is a less than desirable part of town and it is old, the seats are worn, they don't pick up the trash between the showings, the popcorn isn't as good (the important things) etc..  I was a little disappointed we would be seeing the movie there since it was Landon's first time at the movie theater.  Landon was so excited to go to the movies he didn't care where he saw the movie, he just wanted to make sure he had sfiky (ie spiky) hair!

Oh by the way, the movie was very good.  Landon got really sad at one point (I don't want to spoil the movie if you haven't seen it) but otherwise both kids really enjoyed it.


Renee said...

Hi Kristen!!

I'm glad you had fun at the movies. One of my best friends just took her kids to the cheap theater in her town to see the same movie, and she said it was really good.

Sounds like fun!!

Short Stop said...

Boy, you got a LOT done! That's awesome. I really need to clean out our closets, especially Jack's that has all the baby clothes in it. Whew...

Jack LOVES having spikey hair, too. He always asks for "Daddy's hair gel." It's so cute.

Love the pics of them! Glad you had fun at the movies! :)

Denise said...

I miss cheap movies. We do not have them around here.
Wasn't that a "Wonder"ful movie! I loved it.
Thankfully my big kids have a school day, at their home school charter today. makes it easier to ease into things. I wasn't ready for routine yet! But I have gotten on board none the less.
Look at all that snow you have, very pretty. I can't believe they do not plow.
Night skiing? Your husband is very cool. My husband would love that. I don't even day ski.