Lance's 1st Triathlon

Last winter, three of Lance's partners competed in an indoor triathlon.  As he watched the competition, you could see the sense of regret in his eyes that he did not train and compete with them.  After that day he committed to training for an olympic distance triathlon.  

Two weeks ago, Lance competed in his first triathlon.  He did an amazing job. The kids and I had a great time watching the race and cheering the competitors on at each stage.

bikes lined up at the swim to bike transition
getting ready for the bike
bike to run transition
the kids cheering on the runners and waiting for lance to finish
the homestretch
finish time


Stephanie said...

Nice work Lance! I'm pretty sure if I tried to do a triathlon the finishing time 2 would stand for 2 days... Great work.

Denise said...

that's great!
i would have dropped dead around mile 3, and i'm not exaggerating.

Cathi Hamen said...

way to go Lance!! K~ i think our hubbies would get along fabulously!! He should come try the olympic tri in sept in mission viejo! i am running it with a relay team and my hubby will do the whole thing.. its a fun one we did it last year! plus you can see the Cheney family and officailly meet us, official Cheneys!!!!

Lynn said...

Woo Hoo!!! Way to go Lance! That is a HUGE accomplishment. I know (from watching my husband) what a huge commitment that training is for the whole family.