Good Bye Old Friend

Teagen you were a:

* face licker
* tail wagger
* unconditional love giver
* walk taker
* protector
* step ladder
* pillow
* lap sitter
* cookie stealer
* crumb eater
* tear wiper
* laugh inducer
       * ball fetcher
Teagen you have been a faithful companion and loving pet to our family for eleven years.  You were the type of dog that even people who didn't like dogs, loved you.  You were gentle, patient, loyal, and loving.  There will not be another dog like you.  You will have a place in our hearts forever.  We will miss you!


Stephanie said...

It breaks my heart that Teagan is gone. He will be missed. I'm sorry for your loss.

Lynn said...

I am so sorry for your loss. How are the kids handling it?

joy said...

I am so sorry, Kristen. That is really hard.

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Ahhh...the tears still swell in my eyes...hang in there! Happy Birthday today! It will be a GREAT day!

Stacey said...

So sorry to hear this! We hope the kids are coping well with this since I'm sure he was a big part of your family!

Take care - Stacey, Craig, Ellie, Anna & Ross

P.S. My oldest daughter is wondering if you had any luck finding a pen pal for her and I told her to be patient because you were checking it out...whenever you get a chance let me know!

Susan said...

I am so sorry for all of you..losing a loyal family pet is SUCH a hard thing.

God bless and love from us

nicole said...

we will miss teagan. i know fin will miss the hugs he would get...he also made a great pillow to cuddle with.

Alana said...

So sorry, now that we have a dog, I can't imagine that day.