The Journey - Month Three

i think this month i finally hit my stride.

the first few months i struggled so much with getting back into a routine and replacing lies with truth that i was exhausted, both physically and emotionally.  it was hard to motivate myself to do much with working out or when i did, i didn't push myself.  i was not deliberate in counting points or tracking my food in take each day. 

this month was different.  i can pinpoint three things that made a difference. the first was focusing on rendering my heart and replacing the lies with truth.  the second was committing to doing jillian michaels 30 day shred for the month of april.  the third was seeing my ww accountability partner reach her weight loss goal.  it was motivation for me to push myself harder.

highlights/lowlights/random thoughts from this month:

* going through the 30 day shred with janelle, denise, alana, and sara this month.  we would report in  each day upon completing our workout.  it became more than a recording of a workout. it was a place for encouragement and support. i look forward to reading everyones thoughts and comments daily.  {you should read janelle's take on the 30 day experience. funny stuff.} 

* i am disappointed i didn't measure at the start of the shred for inches lost.  i know that i did lose some as my clothes are fitting different but it would have been fun to see the actual results.

* i can actually see muscles and i feel more toned. at one point in level 3 jillian says that you should start to see a 6 pack if you have been doing the workout. i guarantee there is no six pack here. as janelle pointed out maybe you would see a six pack if you started with a four pack. 

* i did gain some weight when i started with the shred this month. i was able to lose all of that plus a few more pounds. 

* two years ago when i did the 30 day shred i was ready to throw the dvd away after the month but i didn't feel that way this time.  once i was comfortable in all the levels i would rotate between them each day. i definitely liked having the variety.

* since baseball has started our schedule has been crazy so we are eating on the go more or having late dinners.  finding healthy options to eat while on the go has been a challenge.  

* i had been following couch potato to 5 K or couch potato to 10 K depending on how much time i have to run.  i did enjoy following the programs as a way to ease myself back into running.  last weekend i just decided to run without the breaks and made it 30 minutes.  i am working on building up my speed because right now i am a tortoise.

* now that the shred is done i have moved onto jillian's ripped in 30.  i am almost through with week one and it is intense.  i am a little nervous about the next three weeks. i previewed some of the routines in the next levels and it scared me a bit.  it will be tough but i am up for the challenge. in the words of jillian this is where the change is going to happen baby!

* i am also trying out jillian's yoga meltdown. i like it. i mean really really like it.  i didn't think i would but it is not a typical yoga workout. it's yoga jillian style.  

* i haven't had a fountain coke in two months. this is HUGE.  i do crave it sometimes but not enough to sacrifice points. 

* i had a day this month where i needed to bake muffins for a class at our coop. i made PW's French Breakfast Puffs. if you haven't had them they are like a cake donut in muffin form. they are amazing. i held off and did not eat one. on the same day landon had snack for baseball and wanted me to make chocolate chip cookies. if you have been around this blog for any amount of time you know my love affair with chocolate chip cookies.  i resisted most of the day but then i did indulge in a chocolate chip cookie.  it was worth every single one of the six ww points.

* i am starting to find enjoyment in working out again.  it has taken time and it has definitely been a struggle to get here but it has been worth it.  finding the routine, having accountability, and being consistent have been key to finding motivation and having a changed attitude.
Weight: 142.2
Total Weight Loss: 7.4 lbs
Goals:  do ripped in 30 dvd 4-5 days a week
do yoga meltdown 2-3 days a week
run 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes
add a cardio workout {elliptical, spin bike, stair stepper} on non running days at least 2 times a week
drink 8 glasses of water per day
track ww points
continue to replace lies with truth and BELIEVE the truth


MusicMama said...

I am enjoying your posts when I get a chance to check in. You are doing a great job! I am struggling in this area of my life right now, wanting to make changes and wanting to make it more of a priority but not quite understanding how to make it work with all that my life is requiring of me right now. I would appreciate your prayer in this area because I know that it can be done and I have a feeling it is my own unwillingness to get the job done and make the changes that is holding me back! On the same token, since I have put on the 20 lbs since having Harmony my health is suffering, my back, knees and ankles are acting up and my energy and self esteem are down and I know from previous experience that my weight plays a lot into that. Thank you for your transperency and inspiration!

Alana said...

You are doing AWESOME! So proud of you and glad to be sharing the journey with you!

Susan said...

Way to go friend. I just started back this last week. Commmitting to working out and eating well. I completely agree wight he truth and lies thing. Can't say I'm working out buti am feeling proud wheni am done each day. It's a struggle but I'm tired of how I feel in my body. God doesn't want this for me.

Susan said...

Man nasty spelling on previous. Sorry. Meant to say I'm not loving working out but happy when ive completed it. :)

Simply Sara said...

you are beautiful.

so, SO proud of you for sticking with it and being such an encouragement/inspiration to me.

love you!

Janelle said...

This journey has been a gift from God! No other way to describe it.

You daily sharpen me.