A Ladder? Who Needs a Ladder?

our girls' bedroom looked like this a few years ago. 
{sorry for the bad picture. i can't find the original so i had to take it off an old post}

then someone mauryn decided that getting up early going to her sisters bed and waking her up was tons of fun.

so we bunked their beds.  

then i put the ladder in their closet to keep mauryn off of morgan's bed.  it shouldn't have surprised me that over time my determined little one figured out how to get to the top bunk.

 why would a ladder stop her when she can scale the side of the bunk beds or climb on a dresser to get up?  ladders are for little kids.

i asked mauryn to give us a little demonstration of how she gets on and off the top bunk.  mostly because i was curious as to how she maneuvers in and out of that bed, even in the middle of the night {eek!}

Untitled from Kristen Cheney on Vimeo.

there you have it - how to scale a set of bunk beds by mauryn cheney.


Simply Sara said...

oh how i love this!
i have two little monkeys who want to come play with your monkey!

my girls scale the side of their bunks all.the.time (even though they have the ladder.)

we ended up putting selah on the top because abby likes to play with the ceiling...ie. scrape the ceiling off when she's up there! UGH. such a mess!

anyways, be sure to tell mauryn that she did a wonderful job demonstrating her monkey moves! (and that she is a beautiful princess!)

Midge said...

Oh my gosh, your little one makes me think of a rock climber! My cousin's son is seven and already has a year in a climbing club. Maybe she'd enjoy it too?

Leah in Iowa said...

Yep - a monkey! =)

sarah said...

i love the instructional video. and that there are options of how to get up and down. :)

Lynn said...

LOVE THIS!!! That tutu bottom is just awesome. I love that she is so innocent that she will tell you all the incriminating info you want. So sweet.

Janelle said...

If only I had a blue tutu then she and I would be twins.

Susan said...

Loved this. I especially loved her outfit for the demo. Perfect

Denise said...

i'm going through withdrawals. it's 1:33 my time....ahhhh, come back!

this is funny. "marvin sassafras peppercheney" is very entertaining!