Finding Joy - Week 19

the joys:

* shorts weather

* a weekend with nothing on the calendar... so nice

* my boy working on his baseball skills {catching pop flies} in the front yard
* planting flowers
* a date with my big girl to go see soul surfer

* awana awards night... mauryn so happy with her bear for finishing her book and
landon with his ribbon for finishing his book {yes that is a big bruise on his lip}
* mauryn wearing her "robe" and helping me to make banana bread.  she loves to help in the kitchen
* the kids had dentist appointments the other morning.  no cavities for the kids and 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading for me.
* phone calls with friends

* landon finishing school. hip hip hooray! morgan should be done by the end of the week and we can start summer vacation!!

what were your joys this week?


Simply Sara said...

lovely week!
i can't believe you guys are going to be done school...
evan still has another month!

every time you talk about school it makes me want to homeschool....

Janelle said...

Where did Landon get that bruise??!!?? Oh my! What a brave boy.

My joy for the past couple of weeks is Hey Tell.