Insta Friday

i am linking up with jeannett from life rearranged for insta friday.

just a glimpse from iphone photos at the randomness of our life this week.
this ugly bird is the harpy's eagle.
never heard of it.  me neither.
he freaks me out. 
you know what he eats. monkeys and sloths. 
freaky, scary bird.
we went on a field trip to the world center for birds of prey.
its where we met freaky bird.
my boy is diligently filling out his paper about the birds.
it was our first time visiting birds of prey and the kids loved it.
i on the other hand can't get over freaky bird. he sort of ruined the field trip for me. 
my friend janelle mentioned that she had some captain crunch for dinner one night.
i couldn't stop thinking about the captain crunch. 
i was at target so i bought a box and had some for dinner.
not healthy but totally worth all the sugary goodness.
landon was practicing some baseball in the front yard and sat down to take a break. he looked so cute just chilling on his glove.
i tried to sneak over and get a picture but he caught me.  it took me a few shots and a little sneaking before i grabbed a good picture of him.

like the little collage... a fun app called diptic. 

i've talked about my love addiction for words with friends.  morgan got a game for easter called bananagrams.  
basically words with friends in real life. 
just as fun!
see these two?
they are escapees.
landon let the dogs out in the yard the other morning.  after a few minutes i was wondering why i hadn't heard them at the back door.  well these two got out our side gate which wasn't fully shut. 
cait and harley enjoyed a morning swim in the canal - running, jumping, splashing, and chasing ducks.
then we caught them and put them in jail aka their outside kennel. naughty dogs.

see the lip.
 its not grape juice. it's a big ol' bruise.
hit in the face by a baseball. 
this guy is tough. 
sassy wearing my boots.
she thinks she is hot stuff.
kids at the dentist + 30 minutes alone + ipad= a little slice of heaven

not sure what to do with this guy.
he likes to hide in the strangest places.
this is his newest hiding spot.

little miss loves to dress up.
this costume brings back so many memories. 
 morgan wore this for her dance recital when she was four.
it happens to be mauryn's favorite thing to wear. 

we ran an errand at best buy the other day and as we were getting ready to leave i see landon standing by this sign. he was posing like justin "beaver"
kid cracks me up.
these little things are amazing.
it's like a mini dessert without the guilt.
i am not a fan of dark chocolate but this is just a perfect mix of the chocolate and granola. yum!
run out and try them. you won't be disappointed.

i found these at a book fair last year for $.50
it was the best $.50 ever
it kept this girl entertained for at least an hour - coloring, cutting, pasting, creating

 i came downstairs last night to find this
mauryn's former crayon roll minus the crayons
the dogs ate them... grr!
the vet assures me that wax won't hurt them
now to find time to make mauryn a new crayon roll 

 my boy has a love for legos and building
he has brought his love into my bedroom and decided to do his building on my dresser
i now have a pile of lego atlantis pieces waiting to be constructed in my room
i am not so in love with the pile but i sure love the boy who made this big messy pile so he is forgiven
twice a year scholastic has a warehouse sale
a huge room filled with hundreds and hundreds of books = bliss

tell me about your week.


Denise said...

that bruise is awesome. so masculine and noah wished he had one (he is here beside me, he says he doesn't, but i know he secretly does).

cap'n crunch... i boycotted them years ago when they added the multi- colored berries. weird. like a casserole in a cereal box! before that they were my favorite (noah is asking me if he got a box and ate every other berry beside the red would i eat it... maybe).

i need an iphone and the instagram app (noah says i need an ipad. i don't think so... noah would you like to leave a comment?).

Eli's Lids said...

My lil' guy is obsessed with Lego as well! Since we have a 1 y/o he can't do it on the floor so the kitchen counter has become the building zone. I love/hate it!
Found ya on instaFriday :)

Simply Sara said...

i think i need to plan my trip to idaho to coincide with that warehouse sale! pure bliss!

that bruise made me wince.

i have legos in every corner of my house.

oh what a sad sad crayon roll :(

i want some sugar cereal now... corn pops are my weakness :)

joy said...

ha ha ha! love the legos--i live that reality, too! and i'm so jealous--a warehouse book sale?! drooling!

Jessica Johnson said...

Hopped over from Life Rearranged. You are funny! And so right about the peaceful dentist's office. I love it 2000 times more as an adult than I did as a kid. P.S. I'm going to Blog Sugar, too! :)

gin said...

such cute pictures of your kids.