Joys - Week 20 {giveaway winner}

the joys:

* morgan finished school mid week last week so we are officially on SUMMER BREAK. yes!

* lazy mornings

* kids sleeping in... landon didn't get up until 10:30 am on monday

* play dates with friends

* our first year being part of a homeschool co op came to an end with a presentation night. mauryn was so proud to get a certificate for being part of the preschool class.

* morgan completed her third year of piano lessons and had her recital last weekend
* morgan had an extra rehearsal for her dance class on sunday. it was supposed to be a rainy cold day but it turned out to be beautiful. while she was at rehearsal i sat outside on a blanket enjoying the sunshine and my book

* we have the BEST neighbors.  the kids love each other and are great friends who actually act more like siblings most of the time :o). we are so thankful for neighbors who are like family.
* morgan got a gift certificate for a pedicure for her birthday.  she can't have painted nails during competition season so this was the first opportunity she had to use her gift certificate.  she was just giddy with excitement to get a pedicure.  my toes needed a little love as well.  a fun way to spend the afternoon.
* a beautiful summer spring like night so we fired up the neighbors fire pit for the first bonfire of the season.  we definitely weren't prepared for s'mores as we dug through the cupboards to piece together enough supplies. time to add graham crackers, marshmallows, and reeses peanut butter cups to the shopping list.
* we have an elderly couple who lives down the street from us.  as we came home the other day i saw the wife picking weeds in her front yard.  i sent the kids over the help her out and she rewarded them with many kind words and an ice cream treat.
* the two little kids and i were able to go to the hospital to love on this fresh from heaven babe.  oh he is so cute and snuggly.  we were all ready to sneak him home with us!

* only 2 more days until maycation... can't wait for some time to relax!

* my friend janelle introduced me to the app hey tell a few weeks ago.  i love it.  it is basically sending a talking text.  you know how things are funnier when you tell someone the story then writing in a text well this app let's you do just that.  for example when i took the kids to the park the other day and we were getting ready to leave landon asked me a question.  the wind was blowing and my back was to him so i thought he asked me if he could climb the tree before we left the park.  i said yes. i turned around and found him going to the bathroom behind the tree.  good heavens! it was so funny and i wanted to share so i sent janelle a hey tell message. the story was much better told than via text. anyway... big joy is this fun app. if you don't have it get it its free!!!

* a joy for someone else... 
i couldn't figure out how to get a screen shot so i took a picture with my phone so you all know that the contest was fair and square :o)

the winner of the barnes and noble gift card is:

whoop whoop - congratulations and happy reading!


Midge said...

Please tell me I read that right...?!

Simply Sara said...

i need an iphone.
like yesterday.

i love that you sent the kids over to your neighbors house to help weed.
you are such a good mama.

love you and your joys!

Janelle said...

YAY, Midge.

BOO, me.

I love hey tell! I have Alana to thank for that goodie! You should have seen 6 of us at IHOP at 1:00am setting up hey tell so we could chat with each other.

Take my word for it. It was funny.