Insta Friday

i am linking up again with jeannett over at life rearranged for insta friday.  

simply take the photos from your phone from the week and document where life has taken you over the course of that week.

since i hearty heart heart my iphone {until it died this morning on my run. i will be going to verizon today to get some help!} and use the camera all. the. time. its fun to see what pics are there at the end of each week.

it snowed last friday.  on april 29th.  it melted fast but it made for a chilly day.  landon had a make up baseball game.  we got out our winter coats, hats, and tons of blankets to stay warm during the game.  with the sun shining it wasn't that bad except for the wind. oh the wind.

we have a stray balloon floating around the house.  
it is left from landon's birthday party 6 weeks ago.  
i found it hovering above my bed so its safe to say its journey is about over.

we spend at least two nights a week at the ball field for landon's baseball games. he loves it. his team is doing great his year... undefeated so far! whoop whoop!
now if the weather would just cooperate and we could watch baseball not in coats and blankets that would be great.

this girlie loves loves loves dresses and skirts.  she wears one every day.  she didn't even want any shorts for summer. only dresses and skirts.
even though we are not quite to sleeveless dress weather she was sporting one in the house. 
then she got cold so she turned on the fireplace to warm up.

i made this game years ago when i was teaching kindergarten.
it has survived all three of my children and is still a favorite.

one of landon's activities for school was to make a life sized picture of himself. the little miss could not be part of the fun.  

this is how i found towels hanging in my bathroom.
i am thinking morgan needs a little reteaching on how to hang up a towel properly.
this does not cut it.

mauryn was sure she did not NEED a nap.  
she crashed in the car while i was getting gas. 
but she didn't need a nap.
i moved her from the car, had her go potty, and put her to bed. she slept for another hour and a half.
but she did not need nap.
i am pretty sure she was right.

most of the time i feel like i have laundry under control. i have a little "schedule" i follow for when i do laundry to keep things in check.  
i still wish it could fold itself and put itself away.
while mauryn napped i folded laundry, watched a show, and indulged in a diet dr pepper with cherry
laundry with a side of caffeine. definitely do able.

do you see where the hole is for the straw?
yep my boy didn't like that idea so he created his own spot for the straw

future american idol?

you all know you can not get as much work done for school if you don't wear a cape or two.
it helps give you super learning powers for sure.

a sunny afternoon calls for a popsicle break
with these two they think every day is a reason for a popsicle break


Simply Sara said...

mauryn looks so old n that fireplace pic.

my girls LIVE in dresses too.

you would shudder if you saw the laundry situation over here.

and you keep talking about these diet dr. pepper & cherry drinks... boo canada for not stocking them on the shelves :(

we need a sunny afternoon popsicle break. it's raining here.

Janelle said...

Too bad Mauryn is so camera shy! Ha!!

Loved all your pictures. Glad you show real life and not staged life. What I love about ya!