Insta Friday

i am linking up again with jeannett over a life rearranged for insta friday.

here's a little look at our week through pictures on my iphone:
this silly buy got a bag of shoes from one of morgan's friends. 
they will fit her when she is 10 or 12.
she is in love with the roller skates and believe they fit her now.
she puts them on and tromps up and down the sidewalk.
she thinks she is cool stuff and tries to keep up with her big sister.
a big sister who has feet as big as mine.
she is 11.
i know i have small feet but this sharing shoes came up fast.  
she has on my rollerblades but she looks way better and more stable than i look on rollerblades.
i think with her socks up and the shorts she looks like she is ready for the roller derby.
mauryn decided to decorate herself with a pen.
when i asked her why she told me she wanted a tubby {a bath}
pretty sure she could have taken a bath even without drawing on herself.
silly girl
allergy season is in full swing so the little miss has been spending time each day with her neb.
so thankful the neb keeps things under control.
whoop whoop waffles for the kiddos for breakfast
his face pretty much sums up how we are all feeling about school right now
five days left and counting....
summer can't get here soon enough
i saw these at kohl's the other day
i am very intrigued by them
i tried them on and they were comfy
but i can't get over the how weird they look on my feet
we finally had temps in the 70's
the two little kids went to play in the sprinkler at the neighbors while morgan was at gym
i headed for sonic for a little caffeine treat
everyone in town had the same idea
landon has been waiting all season to have his turn to play catcher
he finally had his turn last week 
he loved every minute of it
mauryn and i went on a walk during morgan's dance class last week
the weather was perfect and it was a great way to pass the time
as we were walking we came across this goose sitting in the grass
once the goose realized we were there he/she was not very happy 
wings were flapping, feather bustled, and squawking ensued
the excitement over seeing the goose quickly dissipated
i love discovery toys
the various toys/games help keep mauryn entertained while we are doing school
i love that she thinks she is just playing as she is learning pre reading and math skills
we took advantage of a beautiful spring day to head to our favorite park
landon loves the climbing wall and making as much noise as possible on the musical toys
mauryn would spend all day swinging and singing


Denise said...

when "marvin" swings does she sing...
"swing low, sweet chariot, come'n forth to carry me home.." that is what we ALWAYS sing when we swing. ALWAYS. "marvin" needs to swing with us.

Lynn said...

Love the randomness of these posts. They really sum up how life is RIGHT NOW! Those shoes are crazy.

Love that you're having some nice weather...and taking advantage of it!

That swing is AWESOME! My girls could swing all day too. We have swings at our house, so I sometimes wonder why we go to the park when all they want to do is swing!