Finding Joy - Week 17

the joys:

* landon and mauryn had a play date with two of their favorite friends they don't see enough. they were both bounding with excitement for their day.

* mauryn and one of her favorites rylahn got their make up done. mauryn was in heaven.
* double rainbow after the rain

* the weather warming up so we can sleep with the windows open

* waking up to birds chirping

* extra hours of day light

* the snow that fell last friday... i knew it would melt and fast. it made me smile to see snow in the valley.  

* we have had ducks come and go on the path behind our house but they haven't really taken to our neighborhood until this year.  they come right up to our fence, walk on the path, swim in the canal with their babies, eat the food that has fallen from the bird feeder, and wade in the puddles on the driveway.
* secret sharing... mom don't tell anyone but this is what i want to get your for mother's day.  she is sassy but so sweet at the same time.
* landon being diligent with his school work. it has taken lots of tears to get to this point where life isn't all about playing you have to you know learn and go to school.  he finally connected the getting my school work done faster means i get to play when the kids come home from school.  it makes our day go so much smoother.
* mauryn made a life size drawing and then rolled it up to give to one of her dance teachers for her baby.  
* we only have 10 school days left until our summer break. we run on a modified year round calendar. i love it.  by this time of the year we are all ready to be done with school and by august we are all ready for routine.  i love the extra breaks throughout the year.

* i finished 30 days of the shred
* watching my boy play baseball.  he is doing so well this year and really understanding the game. it has been so fun.
what were your joys this week?

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Janelle said...

Baseball and Jillian are some of my same joys this week!!

We live for baseball around here.