Easter Weekend 2011

Easter weekend was one of the nicest weekends we have had all spring.  The weather was wonderful and the kids could be outside and for the first time in many weeks our calendar was clear! {hallelujah!}

We spent Saturday catching up and getting the house cleaned and organized. We did take a small break to dye eggs.  I wasn't planning on dying eggs but a few days before Easter the kids asked if we would be dying eggs this year.  They love traditions and don't like to steer to far from what we have done in years past.
 Sunday morning,  I had to rouse the troops earlier than they would have liked so they could check out their baskets and we could get to church on time.  
 Once the kids were ready for church I tried to get a few good pictures of them.  Even though it was the end of April it was still a little chilly that morning. The girls didn't last long outside in their sleeveless dresses.
 I brought them in to try one more time to get a picture... one where they look like they all love each other.  
 Before I let them off the hook, I told the girls to give Landon a kiss on his cheek.  I love the look on his face. priceless!
 While we waited for our food to finish cooking the kids went in search of eggs in the back yard.  
I love the Morgan is wearing a winter jacket with shorts and flip flops.  She is all about style!
 I think every picture I have of Landon he is doing something quirky with his mouth... it must have been the "i am on the hunt for the most eggs" look.
 Mauryn well she just took her own sweet time finding eggs.   It was her goal to find 18 eggs.  She doubled her goal and was one happy girl!
Since I don't take enough pictures, I tried to get the kids posing for one more photo op on the slide. It lasted about 2 minutes until they all came tumbling down the slide.
A quiet, wonderful weekend spent at home.  Enjoying time as a family finishing our lenten activities, celebrating our Savior's resurrection, and relishing an activity free weekend.

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Janelle said...

I think Landon would make the most handsome hubs for Langley. He is gorgeous!!

Tell me again how you do your photo collages??