Bedside Reading {giveaway}

i am a bookworm.

i love books.  

my bedside table usually has a pile of books on it. 
my piles are getting smaller now that i do most of my reading 

on here!

i usually have two or three books going at the same time. i like to have a choice depending on how much time i have to read, my mood, or just what i am feeling like reading that day.

here's a look at what i am reading right now:

one thousand gifts by ann voskamp.  i started this last winter but wasn't able to devote myself to this book.  it is the type of book that needs to be read slowly where the words are soaked up and left to linger in your soul.  now that summer is here {at least school is done} i will have more quiet, slow days to read this book.

unbroken by laura hillenbrand.  i started this book last weekend and have had a difficult time putting it down.  hillenbrand gripped me from the start with her story telling.  i am learning that i really enjoy reading books that are historical fiction.  i have been intrigued by this story and look forward to getting deeper into the story.

reshaping it all by candance cameron bure.  dj tanner is all grown up!  i am excited to read about her journey to be physically and spiritually fit.  this book fits well with my journey.

some of my favorite books from this past year:

the help by kathryn stockett .  it is coming out in a movie in august. i can't wait. i loved the characters in this story and how the author gave them each a distinct voice.  if you haven't read this book, you won't be disappointed!

sarah's key by tatiana de rosnay.  this book was hard, not difficult but uncomfortable, for me to read.  it is a heartbreaking story but i was gripped by sarah's story that i had to keep reading.  as sad as it was to read it was a wonderful book.

loving frank by nancy horan.  this book was recommended to me by two people in the same week last summer.  the author had me hooked from the first page.  it was an interesting look into the life of frank lloyd wright.  if you read this book, wait to google anything about frank lloyd wright until you are done.  i made that mistake and it did cloud my reading a little bit as i knew how the story would end. 

the hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet by jamie ford. i just finished this book for our book club.  the story takes place in seattle where the character flashes between the 1940's and the 1980's {which is present day for the story}. an interesting story of life during WWII for japanese and chinese americans. everyone in our book club loved this book.

the girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy by stieg larsson.  i was so intrigued by this series.  i loved the suspense, the character development, and the twists and turns of the plot.  there were parts of the book that i skimmed or made me squirm but overall it was a very series.  

winter graden by kristin hannah. this was my first exposure to any of kristin hannah's books.  this is a beautiful story about relationships and how things aren't always how we perceive them.  i have read a few other books by kristin hannah and have not been disappointed.

water for elephants by sara gruen.  there was so much hype around the book that i put off reading it for a while. when everyone loves a book i usually set myself up with high expectations and then find myself disappointed.  this books was a surprise. i was completely captivated by the story and loved every minute of reading it. i can't wait to see the movie.

 as you can tell a bookstore+ me = dangerous combination.

i love wandering the book store in search of the perfect book to read {or browsing online}, opening it, and immersing myself in the life of the characters.

there is nothing better than spending the day curled up with a blanket and a good book. that is as close to a perfect day as it can get for me.

with summer approaching  {the weather could start to cooperate}, i always make a list of books i want to read over the summer.  i also make a list for my kiddos as well.  morgan, landon, and i are going to track and see how many book we can read between us over the summer. 25? 50? 100? we will keep you posted.

as a kick off to summer, relaxation, and more time to read i am giving away a $25 gift card to barnes and noble.

to enter the giveaway leave me a comment telling me what's on your summer reading list and/or a book you think i should add to my summer reading list.

for extra entries you can:
* follow my blog or if you are a follower let me know
* post about this giveaway on facebook
* post about the giveaway on twitter

please be sure to leave contact information so i have a way to get in touch with you if you are the winner.

winner will be drawn on wednesday may 25th!


Janelle said...

The Help, Water for Elephants and Dragon Tattoo are three of my favorites! I am a book worm, too.

It seems like the only reading I get done these days are if I am sick and stuck in bed. I need to do that more often!


I will be reading Unbroken and more of the Tattoo series this summer!

Janelle said...

I would follow you to the ends of the Earth.

Simply Sara said...

oh i can't tell you how happy this post makes me! i am a HUGE bookworm too, and i've only read 2 of those titles, so now i have a ton of new reading material. thank you sweet friend!

don't count me in the giveaway- canada sucks and doesn't like barnes and noble (boo!) but i wanted to comment anyway to tell ya i love ya and thank you so much for all the awesome recommendations :)

Janelle said...

Facebooked about the giveaway!

Thanks, friend!!

Jules said...

Hi ya Kristen,

I'm following, or at least I will when I back click.

I'm subscribing; although I really don't understand that whole process.

I'm FBing. Sure. Will do asap.

I can twitter it too. :)

What I'm reading? Nothing. I need something to read right now.
I'm thinking about reading The Fitting Room, by Kelly Minter, so I could really use the card!!

Have fun in CA and love your choices on reads.

Denise said...

oh, you impress me with all your reading.

ummmm, i don't have any summer reading plans for myself... but i do intend to MAKE MY KIDS READ-which won't be a problem because the were all switched at birth and love love reading!

i'd spend the $25 though to get the devotional "jesus calling" by susan young (for adults)... yeah i'm super spiritual.

Denise said...

"i will follow you.
follow you where ever you may go. there isn't an ocean too deep.
a mountain so high it can keeeeeeep, keep me awayyyyy." (yes, everything's a song).

Denise said...

me again.
i f.b.'d it.

gave all my f.b. friends the opportunity to enter before we're all raptured. :

cruisingrammy said...

Dragon Tattoo is on my kindle too....I am wayyyy behind in reading...always have a book in my face!

cruisingrammy said...

I facebooked it too! :)

jhoward_120509 said...

oh i have and read the candace cameron bure book! so good! last year i saw her at a womens conference and it was awesome! right there with you on the fitness journey. was a size 0 pre-baby now a 4 so we're getting there.

im currently reading the one thousand gifts book and like it so far.

the atonement child by francene (sp) rivers was an amzing book, fictional but really good. finished it in about 2 days (of course i was still pregnant and had time to read that fast lol)

also "SEE" by Mary Beth Chapman and Steven Curtis is an amazing book, just read it with a box of tissues.

we go to B&N at least once a week. my husband is planning on investing in an ipad for this very purpose.

im already a follower! love your blog!


Lynn said...

Since I recommended "Unbroken" and you are loving it, I am going to count that as my suggestion. ;o)

Thanks for giving ME so many great reading ideas though!!!

What a generous giveaway!!!

Lynn said...

I follow. ;o)

Hopefully someday, I'll follow you all the way to Montana so we can MEET IN PERSON!!!

Lynn said...

Headed to fb now...

Johanna said...

Love to read unbroken this summer!

Midge said...

"When Rabbit Howls" is my current read. It's written by the 92 personalities of one woman - the victim of childhood abuse. Recommended by a co-worker, this one has slowed me down and really makes me think. (I'm usually through a book in a night or two) The experiences of the woman and how "the troops" shield her from them makes my scientific brain want to know so much more about psychology.

Also, the Dragon Tattoo series is on my list!

Midge said...

I follow you!

OCMom said...

I just started "The Help" and since you like historical fiction your should check out "Wish Is My Master: The Honor of Love" by Robert Brookover (www.robertbrookover.com). The second book is due to come out in a few weeks ("The Honor of War"). My dad is the author and my daughter is the illustrator for the next book coming out! Quick reads but very good! :)

Valerie Berg said...

You inspire me really. How you manage to do all that you do is simply amazing! I have got to set up a reading challenge for my family this summer. Great idea! I think we'll aim for 10 books all together! Water for Elephants is my next up thanks to your recommendation.

Have you been to the new Hastings by the way?

Stacey said...

I really love to read, especially during the summer...sitting on the back patio while the kids play on the swingset, etc. These books are on my list:

Danielle Steel's Amazing Grace - I've been reading this for awhile, but recently got more into it and hope to finish soon; WM. Paul Young's The Shack - I've heard this is a really good book so I'm excited to start this; Jodi Picoult's The Pact - she is always good; Jodi Picoult's Change of Heart - again, can't go wrong! My recommendation would be any of Nicholas Sparks books, they are all so good and I just LOVE them all!


Stacey said...

I'm a follower!


Short Stop said...

You know I'm not a reader, but I LOVED Water for Elephants, too. I was lost in the story - totally lost.

I have seen several of the titles you have listed on others' lists. We're going on vacation this summer and I'm hoping to get lost in a good book. Maybe Unbroken?

I've read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier several times. I LOVE that book. LOVE it!! Have you read it? If not, you should. Really good, twisting story.

Short Stop said...

I'd follow you anywhere, my friend. Love that we connected here.

Short Stop said...

Goin' over to Tweet.

Alice said...

I love to read as well. I have recently discovered 2 authors that I just love. Robert Whitlow (Tides of Truth series is a good one), and Charles Martin (When Crickets Cry is one of his that I liked).

jhoward_120509 said...

facebooked about the giveaway!



jhoward_120509 said...

I blogged about the giveaway!



Alana said...

Okay, I have to get in on this. Water with elephants is on my list as well as Reshaping it all. The Help was great!

Jeni said...

"Heaven is for Real" is a great book! But I already told you about it the other day :) It will make you want to go see Jesus NOW :)

Jeni said...

And I am already one of your many followers.

sarah said...

i am reading the count of monte cristo again. i love that book. but at the rate im going, it might take all summer for me to get through it.

sarah said...

also, ive been following your blog. :)

Lynn said...

Just came back to visit this post so I can make my next library list. Thanks for the great suggestions!