The Journey: Month Two

oh boy month two was hard!

not hard due to travel {which we did} or celebrate birthdays {which we did}
it was hard in the sense that i was struggling with fighting the lies taking up residence in my head.

i know this is a journey and it isn't just about getting myself physically healthy but also getting heart/mind healthy.

i am thankful for the struggle. i am thankful for the chance to get stronger and to put the lies to rest once and for all. i need to replace the lies with truth and believe the truth.

  i am learning accept there are things about my post three children late 30's body that no matter how much i exercise and how few calories i eat will not change. i've been there. it is the lack of acceptance that led to lies, that led to a laze fair attitude toward eating and exercise.

i knew this journey wouldn't be easy but it has been harder in some aspects than i thought it would be when i started.  this is a marathon not a sprint. it is about overall well being not just the weight loss although that will be a wonderful side benefit.

Random notes from month two:

* i have a very strong like for a sonic diet dr. pepper flavored with cherry
* i can handle the diet soda if it is flavored with cherry
* i am surprised that i am enjoying diet soda. never thought it would happen but i think it has to do with the cherry flavor.
* i haven't missed my fountain coke.. okay maybe a little but not bad
* fiber one honey clusters cereal is my breakfast cereal of choice
* i have not been as dedicated or consistent as i need to be on the ww plan
* during the last month i gained some weight but i lost it so i am around the same point i was at the end of month one
* i started jillian michaels 30 day shred today.  janelle and i are going to be partners in doing this for the next 30 days.  we both have class reunions coming this summer and it is almost swim suit and shorts season.  time to get to work! anyone want to join us??
*i did this workout for 30 days almost 2 years ago and at the end i was still yelling at jillian michaels each day. i did see some results but at that point i was in great shape. i am hoping that being out of shape i will see some good results.  i need to work on strength training and this is a good kick start.
* my kids love to do jillian's workout with me :o)
* the step mill is still my favorite thing at the gym.
* i am up to running almost 2 miles when i run... so hard to believe that last year at this time i was going 6-7 miles a few days a week.  i don't love to run but i love the feeling when i finish running. it is more difficult to motivate myself to run knowing i don't have a group i am meeting with on the weekends which held me accountable during the week.  i am learning to find that internal motivation/accountability. but its a journey, right??
* weight watchers candy bar ice cream bars are the BEST!  i eat one almost every day
* it helps me to have a weekly accountability partner to report highs, lows, and weight loss/gain.  she is inspiring ... she met her goal!  she encourages, supports, and challenges me. so thankful!

Weight: 145.7
Total Weight Loss: 4.1 lbs
Goals: be consistent with counting points and documenting my food each day
do the 30 day shred this month
exercise 4 days per week
drink at least 8 glasses of water each day
eat full servings of fruit and vegetables each day
get more dairy into my diet
replace lies with truth


Kara Franklin said...

I'm in the same boat as you are - haven't been real consistent this month with the ww plan or eating healthy. I've pretty much maintained my weight loss from the HCG (second go around I mean) and am thankful for that. I was thinking about doing the 30 day shred as well but not every day. I'm going to start doing it three times a week and then maybe add days if I feel like I'm doing well at it. I'm hoping April is going to be a loss for me!! Because - yes - summer is just around the corner - yikes! And diet soda - haven't been able to stomach it yet. I still indulge in my fountain pepsi about once a week. And I love it!! Good luck friend - I'm right there with you!

Janelle said...

I just love you so much. I am glad we are in this boat together. I know we will find the strength to get through the shred!

I just had a conversation with Alana about the mental aspect of weight loss. Such a huge component. Conquer the mind and the rest will follow.

I just pray that we can put those lies behind us (all women) once and for all! Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy our joy.

Let's be quick to combat him in his quest to destroy us.


Simply Sara said...

can you hear me CHEERING you on from canada?


chris downloaded the 30day shred for me last week. i'm scared, but know i need to just do it.

i just ate 4 cookies.


Veronica said...

I extended the 30 day shred to the 365 day shred! For REAL. I lack serious motivation, but I am trying again in combination with the Couch to 5k run. I'm only on day 2 of the run though. Sounds like you have a good plan, maybe I should write it down to keep myself in check.

Denise said...

PLEASE let me join you and janelle for the 30 day shred!!!