Ski Day

I am not a skier.  

It isn't so much the skiing it is the getting to the top of the hill on the chair lift.  I don't like the feeling of just hanging out there over open spaces and potentially you know FALLING.

Lance on the other hand has skied his entire life and loves the feeling of being on the slopes.  He has taught the older two kids to ski over the past few years.  This year it was Mauryn's turn to learn how to ski.

Lance and Mauryn had a father/daughter date at the end of January so he could work with her on skiing. Once she got going she loved it.  Since that time she has been waiting to ski again so she could show Landon just how fast she can ski.

When my niece Hannah was here we took the opportunity to head up to the mountain mid week for a ski day.  The drive up the mountain about did me in with all the curves but I made it up barely in once piece. 

I was designated photographer, chalet mom, and kid watcher so Hannah and Lance could ski some harder runs. I was very happy to have those jobs!  

Once we got everyone outfitted for skiing, Lance, Hannah, Landon, and Mauryn hit the slopes.  They had a great day of skiing with hardly any lines for the chair lifts and crowd free runs.

my baby on her first chair lift ride with her daddy.
 i could hardly watch.
she made it to the top and loved the ride.
her favorite thing to do is use the magic carpet.  
i could just eat her up in those ski goggles.
mauryn being mauryn.
by the end of the day she was skiing all on her own.  she was quite proud {and so is her daddy}
then there is my boy who calls himself the bomber. he gets to the top, points the skis downhill, and goes as fast as he can laughing the whole time.

he saw me with the camera so he started to show off just a bit.
then he got in race mode.
since he was so fast coming down the hill, he would stop midway to use the magic carpet and then down the hill while he waited for his dad and sister.
they loved having hannah here to ski with them.  it was such a special treat.  
landon had been talking big about how fast he was on the ski hill.  he had gotten ahead of hannah on a run.  as she came behind him she called out to him {you can see him turning in the first pic}and as she caught up to him she said "let's race".  needless to say she won but he is more determined than ever to get faster!
as much as i dislike the thought of skiing and the car ride up the mountain, i loved being able to watch my kids spend the day with their cousin, and enjoying an activity very special to their dad's heart.


Lynn said...

Mauryn is just scrumptious in those goggles. Love!

OCMom said...

oh i hear you! i fell off of the ski lift when i was 12 and cracked my ankle! it was fun to ride in the sled behind the "ski paramedic" guy though! the entire youth group had to pack up and head home because of that! i'm a little afraid of the lifts now:)

Susan said...

Yummy little girl. And love the racing boy