Finding Joy - Week 13

The joys:

* my boy already for a nerf battle
 * an afternoon movie date with friends which turned into a play date for my girls
 * an afternoon of running errands with just morgan

* a friend texted me a picture of these water balloons thinking landon would love them.  i picked some up for his easter basket. i know he will love them {thanks rhonda!}
 * our friends the puckett's were in town over the weekend from seattle

* trying to get a group picture... the boys were so helpful. morgan couldn't hold a camera straight she was laughing so hard.
 * getting to spend an evening with these lovely ladies
 * this boy makes me smile. he has been talking about since birth and just cracks me up. he did lose favor with me for about a month when he kept calling me grandma but since we got that straightened out we've been buddies ever since. the boys gives great hugs!
 * eating worms for dessert... yummy!
 * i am hooked on words with friends - love that game.  do you play?  

* i introduced the game to one of our college kids brook, morgan, and we tried to get lance to play too. this picture cracks me up as they are all playing separate games. oh technology!
 * landon and his buddy eli made this sign for landon's bedroom door. love their spelling!
 * uploading pictures from my camera and finding these pics - mauryn taking a picture with her camera of morgan 
 and landon with pads on and his nerf gun
 * easter egg garland
 * landon's comfy spot for school... love this.  he actually has worked really well in his spot so i am all for it as long as he can work and he cleans it up when he is finished with school
 * we are on the final countdown for school. i sat down and figured out our stopping points in all our subject areas. 

* landon using inflection for the characters as he reads and giggling throughout the book
 * grass turning green

* birds chirpring
* landon's bird feeder that he got as a birthday gift and built with his dad.  
* his excitement of seeing birds feed off his feeder each day
 * the start of baseball season... how cute is he in that uniform
* it didn't rain or snow for the first game. it was cold and windy but finding joy in the fact that we stayed dry
 * i did not think morgan's passion for gymnastics could grow but everyday last week she came home bouncing with excitement over new skills learned at the gym.  she is very motivated and determined to move on to the next level.  seeing her joy makes me joyful

* going through the 30 day shred with these sweet ladies... they make me laugh every single day as we report our success and struggles as well as encourage and support each other. i am so thankful for each one of them.  

*if it wasn't for the internet, i wouldn't know them.  there is friendship to be found in blogosphere.  

*watching baby eagles hatch... my kids check in on the parents and their babies multiple times a day.  there is still one more egg to hatch. so we are waiting patiently.

what were your joys this week?

** most of my pics are coming from my phone but it is handy to capture all those little joys that i would normally miss.  even if the pictures aren't always great the joy and memories behind them are wonderful.


Denise said...

going through the shred with you gals is a joy to me too...can't believe i used "shred" and "joy" in the same sentence.

i love you.
and seeing you in pix (especially when they are with me...6 weeks till maycation!) and talking to you, and hearing about your joys.

Renee said...

It's been a long time! I think of you and our online friendship often- it was when I was blogging regularly and interacting with my lovely bloggy friends, getting support, encouragement, and inspiration that I was closest to God and happiest in my mothering. You were a big part of that. Thank you! LOVE reading your joys. You are a delight. :) Looks like you're still reading...any good books to recommend?

Lynn said...

Wow. I love how you record all of these joyful moments each week. What a lot of work....but what a blessing for us and for you.

Simply Sara said...

shred. joy.
thank you for starting that group. seriously you are AMAZING!
love you so much!

evan would LOOOOOVE to come to idaho and have a nerf war with landon :)

"words with friends" is that an iphone game? i'm not part of that cool group yet :(

mmmm... worms for dessert!

p.s i wanna come to maycation. booooooo $$$

Janelle said...

My joy is that I'm not dead and Jillian hasn't killed me.

Where would I be without you and Sara and Denise?

And that baseball picture is so dear to my heart. We love us some bball.