Finding Joy - Week 16

remember last week when one of my joys was getting my computer back on track... well after that post while moving pictures i thought i lost all pictures from late 2010 to today.  yikes!  thankfully apple technical support was able to help me restore files. now my pictures are safe and happy on an external drive as well as on cd.  huge huge huge JOY!

the joys:

* a boy who played so hard in his baseball game he just crashed on the couch
 * we had a special visitor
 * landon earned another 5 stickers on his i will do my school work without complaining and in a timely manner chart.  we visited to a new play center in town

* landon and i had some tower building contests
 * while i was prepping dinner on saturday i looked out our window and saw our backyard full of kiddos running and playing.  it reminded me of how our neighborhood was in MN
* my little monkey likes climbing to the top of the swing set.  then she saw me and flashed me a look.  love this little sassy one
 * we spent saturday night at a local church presentation of the musical no greater love: the story of amazing grace. it is the 32nd year of the presentation that has over 1000 participants. they bring in live animals - lambs, chickens, donkeys, rabbits, and a camel.  a definite highlight for the kids.

* easter sunday - celebrating our savior's resurrection
 * snuggling at night for stories with my baby. i love when she takes turns and wants to read to me
 * we finally had a day of sunshine.  the little ones spent hours riding bike, riding scooters, drawing with chalk, and having "sword" fights.  

* i love how landon is in his winter pajamas and mauryn is in a summer dress
 * our tree is in bloom... yeah spring might be on its way
 * harley dog loves the kids. i loved seeing how he chose to snuggle in next to landon.
what were some of your joys this week?

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Janelle said...

From blooming trees to snow, right?

I know I have told you this before but I love your joy posts. They are such a great highlight of God's mercies towards you and your sweet ones.

I like you a whole bunch.