Just Dance 2

have you played this game on the wii yet?

if you haven't you need to run to target and get it now {or borrow it from a friend}.
so much fun!

one of the things i love the most about this game is that our entire family can play.  if you can move and follow picture directions you can be part of the game.

even the sassiest little girls can play this game. 
twirling, bouncing, hip shaking, and jumping.

it is always a favorite to play with our college small group or when we have friends over.
it is sure to bring out lots of laughter, smiles
and a little bit of heavy breathing and sweat as you are jumping, stomping, arms flaying, and moving around the floor.
 there is only one problem with this game in our house.
you know who usually wins?
you know how lance plays the game. like this:
he doesn't sweat
he doesn't breath hard
he sits on the floor and moves his arm
so maybe he gets a cramp in his arm
cheater. geesh!

i really need the wii to come out with a kinect so then lance would have to make a fool of himself break a sweat like the rest of us.  

have you played just dance or just dance 2? 
is it a favorite in your house?


Denise said...

pump up the jam, pump it up...yes, i've played, and i need a defibrillator every time!

Alana said...

Looks like so much fun! Do you need any special equipment?

Renee said...

My mother in law gave me this game for Christmas-I was so excited to play, and even got Andy to join me on New Year's. I let him pick out the songs, and he kept picking girl songs with funny girl moves. Now, for some reason he doesn't want to play it with me, but I play by myself sometimes on days I don't feel like working out. I love it!

Janelle said...


Super love the picture of Lance. Cheater. :)