Finding Joy - Week 15

the joys:

* i am delayed in posting due to computer issues but when i called apple i still had apple care left for 5 days - JOY.  they saved my computer from crashing - JOY.  i think we are up and running now :o)

 * watching my sweet boy help take care of a friends baby. he was so gentle and loving.  he is going to be a great dad someday.
 * sisters
 * a beautiful day for eggstravaganza at church
* tiger face
  * loving on this newborn baby
 * celebrating mr. ryder's 2nd birthday {mauryn is trying to pick him up. even though they are about the same size she is older so she tries to mother him}
 * my kitchen helper
 * landon loves to bake/cook.  he got a new "kitchen robe" for his birthday and loves to wear it
 * warming up by the patio window in the morning - a favorite spot for breakfast on sunny days
 * creating a comfy spot for school work and working diligently
 * lance doing the dishes... if you know my husband this is HUGE he believes if it doesn't go in the dishwasher we shouldn't own it

* ducks "hanging out" in our yard, swimming in puddles from the rain

* birds feeding on landon's bird feeder... so fun watching all the different birds coming to our tree

* a new ipad case and plum scarf from the pleated poppy


Renee said...

I love reading your joys Kristen- thanks for sharing! I especially love the kitchen robe, little Mauryn looking out the sunny window, and Landon's study spot. :) These peeks into your life are fun to see.

Denise said...

oooh, i want to see the plum scarf on you, i have so wanted one!