A Non- Candy Egg Hunt

with easter around the corner, we have baskets filled with plastic eggs sitting around the house. 

the kids love to take the eggs and hide them throughout the house.

i took their idea of an indoor egg hunt and used it for a school activity with landon.  he is a busy boy and loves anything that gets him moving.  he was over the top excited to hunt for eggs.... even if it meant he had to do school work in the process.

fill plastic easter eggs with slips of paper that have words on them {or math facts or trivia questions, etc...}

hide the eggs around the house 
send the kids looking for the eggs

 place eggs in a basket, bucket, or bag
 show off your basket of eggs

crack open the egg and find a word
read the word 
after all the words are read correctly, celebrate with a little easter treat!  
then do it all over again :o)


Janelle said...

Terrific idea! Sounds like a good rainy day idea.

Looks like Landon is having fun!

Alana said...

Love this idea...I always wished there was more than one egg hunt...they are just too fun!

Veronica said...

What a clever idea!

Simply Sara said...

such a great idea!

i think i'll do this with evan... i might even write out words to put in the eggs and then once he's collected them all, he can write a story using the words he found :)