Finding Joy - Week 14

The joys:
* morgan and i attended vicki courtney you and your girl simulcast.  it was great to spend the day with my big girl. the simulcast was filled with amazing.   if you haven't read vicki's book five conversations you must have with your daughter you should get it and read it. so good. her new book five conversations you must have with your son comes out in june.
* we won a prize... one of the table center pieces 
* sonic diet dr pepper with cherry... my new fav
* snuggle time with my baby.  we usually take a nap together on sunday afternoons. she always wants to snuggle close and hold hands. love.
* mauryn's lunch... eww but she loved it and ate every last bite.
* creating jumps on the staircase
* painted piggy toes
* saying yes to an afternoon spent at the rec center pool. they played, splashed, laughed, and swam for 2 hours.
* landon's baseball coaches... four dads with a love for baseball, a love for coaching, and a love for kids. these dads work so well together to give the kids the best experience possible. 
* it hasn't rained for any of landon's baseball games... yet

* green grass that needs to be mowed... does that mean spring is here??

* a pick up game of baseball in the front yard
* friends who live close by and can just stop over and play

 * hanging around
 * laughter
 * a little girl determined to ride her "big girl bike". time please stop now.
 * sunshine

* morgan loving a good book as much as her mama
 * finishing my book club book

* letting my house get a little messy {maybe a lot messy} so i could finish my book and being sort of ok with it.. now the clean up begins and there will be joy in a put back together house

* fort building and letting it stay up for 3 whole days.... taking deep breaths and letting them enjoy
* this post by janelle made me laugh out loud.... so thankful for my 30 day shred accountability group

what were your joys this week?


Denise said...

tell "marvin" i'd rather eat a casserole!

i just threw up a little.

the girls said "ewwwww." noah would try it...not in this house!

Simply Sara said...

aww you look so pretty in those two pictures!

we need to skype soon!

still no sonic in canada :(

green grass. i just cried a little. ours is still white :(

my girls would dine with mauryn any day of the week :)

i'll have to show evan the jumps on the stairs. why haven't we thought of that yet?!

yes!!! for saying yes!

i also loved janelle's post :)

miss you!

Janelle said...

You Are beautiful!!!

Love your first picture with Morgan.

Love me a good book.

M&Ms for lunch? Yes please.

Anything baseball!!! We eat, sleep and breathe it here. Skip is one of those coaches. I love that about him.

Our accountability group is a gift from God. The best surprise!!!

Love you to pieces!

Alana said...

Is it bad that the only thing I could focus on in this post is that cup of soda? Ack. Seriously, love these posts. I need to do one!