"Family" Birthday Dinner

over the past few years a tradition has slowly started evolved with our friends/neighbors/idaho family - "family" birthday dinners.

since amiah and landon have birthdays only ten days apart we usually pick a date in the middle to celebrate both of their birthdays.  every year it is a big production for the two of them to come up with a plan for what to do for their birthday dinner. 

eat out or stay home? 

a place that will sing to them or one that won't?

what type of free birthday dessert will they get?

it is humorous to watch their negotiating and planning.

this year they decided to try a restaurant new to our family.

yes, that is the actual name of the restaurant.

morgan excited to check out this eclectic place.

the decor was so fun - 
license plates on the wall
shower curtains as privacy dividers at the tables
truck tailgate as countertop
a pool table as a table
an old car used as seating 
so many fun little details
 their menu is as eclectic as their decor... spaghettios out of a can served with a side of cheetos, mac and cheese where you can add in chili, hot dogs, etc... they also serve up "normal food" and a mean cheeseburger :o)

while waiting for dinner the kids played a few rounds of chess
 donnie mac's is known for the frozen custard. well the night we went they were out of their custard. they did give us coupons to come back for free custard... yeah!
instead of custard they made up a little plate of ding dongs for the birthday kids. i don't think they minded not having custard!
 while the adults visited after dinner, the littles were getting a bit restless.  they found a couch, took the iphones, and got busy playing games.
 before we left the dining car was open.  the kids loved exploring it and
writing on it.  
it's their goal to go back and try to get to eat in the dining car.

thanks berg's for a fun night out celebrating our kids' birthdays.


TARA said...

we took the kids there last friday and we all loved it! so much fun! glad you all had a good time :)

Janelle said...

What a fun place! Hypothetically speaking, when we visit this Nov. I want to go there!! :)

And I hope it's not a hypothetical.

Simply Sara said...

ok. i'm pretty sure my kids would love that place- especially the menu :)