really?  already?  

you are growing up far too fast my boy.
 your big brown eyes... they melt me.
your heart is so sensitive.  
you are inquisitive, active, competitive, and sometimes a little bit crazy but your soft side balances you.
you are most definitely an otter. life is one big party.  you are all about having fun.
you enjoy doing anything sports related or being outside.  riding your bike, shooting hoops, and playing catch are some of your favorite outdoor activities.
you also enjoy playing the wii, doing legos, playing card/board games, and watching tv.
you like to go to the rec center to play basketball or swim.
you like to ski in the winter and swim in the summer.
you love to be read to before bed. we are working our way through the chronicles of narnia... you are loving the stories.
you enjoy awanas, being with your friends, and learning your bible verses.
you will no longer let me give you a kiss in front of people and rarely can i hug you in public.  sometimes you will grab my hand as we walk through a parking lot but those moments are fleeting as well. {sigh}
when we are at home you still love to snuggle and sit on my lap. you will come up beside me to give me a squeeze or rub on my arm.

Happy Birthday Landon!  I love you sweet boy.  


Simply Sara said...

oh that last pic.
so sweet!

aww. my heart tightened a bit at the- won't let you hug/kiss him in public but sometimes he'll grab your hand....and still loves to cuddle at home. that's evan too.

today i got to hold his hand at ikea ;)

happy birthday landon!
hope you have a wonderful time at your awesome lego party :)

wish we could be there!

Janelle said...

He Is your twin! Love these highlights. What a sweet mom to write these memories. He will cherish this someday. (or at least his wife wil!)

Denise said...

he is your twin.

what a beautiful birthday blessing.

hApPy BiRtHdAyYyYyYyYyY LANDON!!!!!

Susan said...

loved reading this and I LOVE the last pic of the 2...is that off your iphone hipstamatic? Darling