Finding Joy - Week 11

The joys:

* little girl pigtails and big girl pj's. oh i could eat her up!
* big JOY my niece hannah visiting for a week... eek! so much fun. as i catch up this week i will be sharing some of our fun adventures!
* landon's bed ready to be the guest bed for my niece hannah
* my boy creating a work space to do his school work on top of his desk.  
* finding one of mauryn's "kids" in the baby bed with a flashlight on... her "kid" was afraid of the dark :o)
* snuggled up together watching a movie on the ipod on a saturday morning letting us sleep a little longer. they were up super early excited for hannah's visit and landon's birthday.
* the birthday boy opening his birthday gifts
* blowing out candles on his birthday breakfast
* mini golf with my big kids on landon's birthday
* mauryn rocking the bonnet. she has found a love for little house on the prairie.
* playing just dance 2 with hannah
* a lego birthday party {post coming}
* one of our college kids gave landon his old football pads.  landon put them on with his jersey and was ready to play some football!
* new snack... popcorn, white chocolate, fritos, and m & m's.  the fritos add just the right amount of salty to the sweet. go make it. trust me, you won't be able to stop eating it. so good.
* finding self portraits on my camera
* my baby ready to take on the ski hill
* my boy ready to race.  yes, he is wearing purple gloves. he lost one of his and had to use his sisters old gloves.  a few years ago this would have bothered me that he was totally mismatched but now he didn't care and he was warm. joy in letting the little things go!


Denise said...

I WILL NOT make the snack, because trust me i KNOW I WILL NOT BE BALE TO STOP EATING IT!

joy is good.

Janelle said...

Birthday Weeks are so much fun!! Great job on that cake!

I love the picture of all three snuggled up to watch a movie. Love.

Valerie Berg said...

I'm so glad I have your blog to know what you've all been up to next door. Soon, spring will really be here so I can see you and your great family again.