Do your counters or cupboards ever look like this?  Spilled mint candies or
cinnamon and sugar?
Or are your floors ever covered with cereal that then gets crushed under little feet?
These messes used to cause my heart to sink... ugh! Especially the crushed cereal or cinnamon and sugar... what a pain to clean up.

That is until the day I met the VROOM!

Once I saw how it worked, I knew my monthly blow money would be set aside for this lovely life changing invention.
This handy little vacuum cleaner sits under our kitchen sink and taps into our central vacuum system.

You just pull the cord and the vacuum will easily suck up these little spills.
 Within a matter of minutes there is a clean counter top, cupboard, or floor.
 No more hauling a big hose from the closet into the kitchen area to clean up the little messes.  No more hose just sitting out in the kitchen for those just in case moments which happen daily with little children in the house.  
Thank you VROOM for keeping my kitchen clean and stopping my heart from sinking at every little spill.  


Simply Sara said...

i need one of those.

and now i'm reeeeeally craving those mint candies....

Stephanie said...

If I had central vac, I would probably have bought one based off your advertising skills alone :)

Janelle said...

I shall not covet. I shall not covet.

Dang it. I am totally coveting.

Denise said...

ditto what janelle said.