Finding Joy - Week 8

The joys:

* handprints on mirrors and spilled milk.  even though they can cause my neat side to feel anxious the time will be here when i no longer have fingerprints or milk to clean up.  trying hard to find joy and live in the moment/stage.

* mother/daughter weekend to coeur d'alene {post coming but sneak peak with some joys}
* shopping with morgan's friends and their moms
 * tween girls giggling, swimming, competing, cheering, encouraging, memory making
* moms who get up early to "bedazzle" our gymnasts - sparkly eyes,
 fancy hair, and very excited girls.
* lunch on the lake
  * a coach who likes to have fun and let's the girls deck him out in beard and hat... thanks coach eduard for playing along!
 * finding a local diner {thank you app on the iphone} which had the best burgers and shakes... yum!
*meeting olympic gymnast mohini bhardwaj... she is tiny but so sweet and cute
 * signs on hotel doors for girls encouraging them for the meet
 * ice cream social boat cruise with olympic gymnasts
 * flowers in hair... every girls needs flowers in their hair.  my big girls new favorites!
* coming home... leaving cold and snow to sun and warmer weather 
* friends who are willing to love on my littles while morgan and i were out of town and lance was at work
* cute blankets on clearance at target. i love snuggly blankets.  i picked up a few extras to embellish and give as gifts.
* if you read my blog you know i have a slight addiction to love fountain soda.  this week i tried diet dr.pepper cherry and it was actually pretty tasty.  it will not replace fully loaded fountain soda but it is a good other choice as i am trying to cut down on my fully loaded soda.
* starburst jelly beans... love.

What were your joys this week?


Stacey said...

I LOVE starburst jelly beans too and saw that they were in the stores the other week for Easter. I avoided them (for now) since I know that they would never, ever make it longer than a week in this house, let alone until Easter! We have so much in common!


Janelle said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! What a beauty Morgan is! Growing up!

Your number one is my hardest one, too. Finding joy in this season can be such a chore for me. Baby steps, right?