GoodBye/Hello {giveaway winner}

good bye 14 year old washer and dryer.
good bye days of kicking and pounding on the washer to get it to run
good bye running the dryer at least twice to get clothes dry
good bye water and energy wasters
hello beauties
hello large capacity
hello working washer and dryer
hello to the ease of washing/drying clothes
hello water and energy savers
as excited as i was to get my new washer and dryer {the kids even put celebrate on our school calendar}, i did not expect to need them on their first afternoon in our house.

i was out running errands with landon and mauryn after we took morgan to gymnastics. we had just finished our costco run and were in target to pick up a birthday gift.  i don't usually get the kids a snack in target but it was getting late so we picked up some popcorn and started in the store.

we had been in target maybe 15 minutes and were in the toy aisle to pick out the birthday gift. all of a sudden landon starts to cry.  i turned around and he looks at me wide eyed and says he is going to throw up.

g.r.e.a.t. in the middle of target.  i was thankful that i had got the kids popcorn as that bag became his sick bag. we hurry to the front of the store to clean landon up and wouldn't you know today of all days we run into two families as we are scurrying out the store with my sick child.

even though i was caught up on laundry, it gave me a reason to break in the new machines.

Now on to the winner of the giveaway:

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#14 is Brandi!  

Congratulations!  Email me your information and I will pass it on to Amy who will be contacting you about your prize.

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Alana said...

Aw man! I missed the giveaway. Darn. Sorry I have been away so long! Congrats on the washer and dryer!!

Wife2Jason said...

I love my front loader washing machine. We haven't gotten the dryer yet because Dave Ramsey said our old one still works so we can wait. He's so bossy, but your's are so pretty sitting there as a couple!! Congrats!!

BUT sorry to hear your boy got sick in the store. My baby did that once, but we didn't have a bag. Hope he feels better REALLY soon.

Stephanie said...

Nice! I hope you didn't have to use your own blow money on that, like a certain popcorn popper ;)

Simply Sara said...

awwww poor landon. hope he's feeling better :(

on a happier note, i heart your new washer and dryer.
mine is everything you old one was :(

but i am happy that you get to enjoy all the wonderfulness of a front loading machines....happy and jealous.

Valerie Berg said...

OK, a new washer & dryer, just pure jealous as Dave Ramsey's words haven't allowed me any such items yet! Maybe I'll just send my laundry to your house now! That'll test out our neighborly relationship! LOL!

And so sad about Landon...you handled it very well it sounds. Hope he is better now.

Janelle said...

Those are beautiful!!!! I shall not covet. I shall not covet. I shall not covet. I shall not........

Denise said...

your w&d are so pretty.

sorry about the bug. boo. poor landon.
i think the bug was a w&d conspiracy. they probably couldn't wait to be used (especially with the new flooring and paint surrounding them)!