What a Difference a Day Makes

* light morning rain
* mild spring-like weather
*afternoon skies clear
* kids riding bikes and scooters
* playing with no need for jackets
* baseball practice in the yard
* pictures created with sidewalk chalk

* woke to pouring rain which turned to big, wet, flakes of snow
* sidewalk chalk pictures fading/melting under the snow
* jackets, hats, mittens, snowpants, boots needed
* friend over to enjoy the fresh snow
* creating sculptures in the snow
* playing on the snow covered swing set
* sliding down the slide into piles of snow
* catching snowflakes on tongues
* enjoying a surprise spring snowfall


Simply Sara said...

you guys almost make snow look like a good thing... almost.

ugh. we are COMPLETELY covered in the stuff.
still waiting for spring to arrive.

seriously though. i wish we could come play in the snow with you guys!

Alana said...

It is amazing how things can change from one moment to the next!