Unwrapping the Gift

My three little gifts!

Imagine getting a gift - neatly wrapped and tied up with a pretty bow. There is anticipation, excitement and curiosity about this gift. Something in such a pretty package has got to be good! Today I had an "aha" moment. I felt like God was telling me this is how I should view each day. Each day is a gift and I should approach each day with anticipation, excitement and even curiosity about what the day will hold. I know that I have days (more than I should) where I feel like if I can get through this day then tomorrow will be better - the to do list will be smaller, etc.. The to do list never gets smaller, it seems to just continually grow. I know part of it is this stage of life with home schooling and little kids at home. I feel like I need to be focusing more on my kids and less on the to do's. All those things will be there later but my kids are growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. I think I need to work on finding the balance between being a good mommy to my kiddos, being a good homemaker, being a good home school mom, etc... They each are important. For a time, I have been more focused on doing the laundry, housework, errands, bill paying, etc... that I am missing out on precious moments with my kids. I am here with them but am I really here with them? Am I truly focusing on who they are? I think my "aha" moment was a bit of a wake up call. The dust can pile up, the toilets might not be cleaned as often as they should (so much easier said than done) but my kids will feel loved, valued and appreciated. I want to look back on my time at home with my kids and be able to know I gave them all of the time and attention they deserved. I want to be able to have fun memories to treasure in my heart of my time with my kids. I want to approach each day as a precious gift and unwrap it with anticipation and excitement!

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