Another Milestone

This is how we have found Mauryn the last two mornings - standing up in her crib! I can't believe it! Look how happy and excited she is to be up on her own! Happy 10 month birthday baby! I love seeing your personality starting to show. You make the best funny faces! You are the girl of many expressions. You have just started getting attached to your blanket and a baby doll. You are so sweet when you love on the doll. I love that when I pick you up in the mornings or after naps and I love on you that you pat my back- so sweet! You are growing up much too fast but I am going to treasure all these little moments with you . We love you baby girl!

Look at that face! She thinks she is so funny!

You can view Mauryn's 9 month photos (a little late) at www.wilsoncreekphoto.com/proofs/Cheney/924/ It wasn't her best photo shoot but they definitely show the many faces of Mauryn Cheney. I remember those nine month photos with Morgan and Landon were difficult as well since they had started having some stranger anxiety. They are fun - enjoy!

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Joyful Weddings & Events said...

Hi Kristen! This is Courtney (Cheney) Toney- a distant cousin. I am Art Cheney's youngest (Sean's little sister). I remember meeting you guys back at the family reunion in Montana. I just wanted to say hello- your kids are super cute!

I found you through Denise, my sister-in-law's sister-in-law :), and I loved reading your post about the small moments with your kids that are sacred. As I am about to have our first, I definitely took those things to heart.

Take Care!