The Competition - Week 1

The other morning as I was walking out of my bedroom, Landon says to me "Mommy, why is your tummy getting bigger and not smaller?" Okay, we will let that one pass but he has brought it up three different times! He has even applied some of his new knowledge of opposites to my stomach - mom your belly is bigger not smaller those are opposites. Oh good job you know your opposites son! UGH! I guess it is good Lance and I are doing this competition but going into our "biggest loser" race I was more focused on my hips, thighs, and bottom, now I guess I have to think about my stomach. YIKES! Then today in church our pastor was talking about heaven and how we will all have new bodies in heaven. Was this a sign? Should I not be so focused on my appearance because some day when I am in heaven I will have a new body, it will be wonderful and I won't care. I consistenly exercise, we eat healthy and maybe I need to just be content with where I am at right now, but it seems so hard. I am going to keep working harder at eating a bit less, especially now that I am almost done nursing. I don't really need those extra calories. Body image is an area where I really need to be setting a good example for my daughters - I know Morgan is watching and learning. It is about being healthy, eating the right foods, and getting proper exercise and learning to be content in the body God has given me. It is something that I really need to keep in the front of my mind all the time.

The competition isn't heating up yet because I know my competitor isn't sticking to his "diet" yet. I had to laugh last night when the kids were having zbops from the Schwan's man. This was the first time we have tried them. Landon loved it and was happily eating, Morgan didn't like them so Lance at hers. Landon couldn't eat it all so I told him we would cover them and put them in the freezer. Lance thought they would taste bad so he just finished Landon's off too while commenting on his "diet". Today our neighbor sent over some brownies. We sent them back since we are watching what we eat and they came back because they are "healthy" brownies made with whole wheat flour, splenda, and zucchini. Too funny! We have them and thankfully I am not a huge chocolate fan so they are not even a temptation for me, but I don't know if Lance can stay away from them. I think my neighbors are on my side and trying to help me win!

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