Mastering the Stairs

Today I hear Morgan calling, "Mom, Mauryn is going up the stairs." Up until today she has really just ignored the fact that we even had stairs. Now they are a great source of entertainment. Now we need to get another baby gate for the bottom of these stairs. It was fun to see Mauryn working so hard to get up those stairs. Morgan and Landon were by her side cheering her on, encouraging her to climb highger. Each day she is learning something new and just growing up way too fast!Here I go!

I am working hard to get to the top!

I started a new chore system for the kids today. We will see how it goes. Last year I purchased a book called Managers of Their Chores. It had some great ideas and concepts in it but their system just didn't work for our kids. They were to wear their chore cards clipped to their clothes and turn in the clips when finished. Today I made them new cards and a chart that we will keep in the kitchen. I am not crafty so for all you crafty/creative people out there - this is not crafty or creative. I just pulled what I had in our craft bin and put it together today. I am SO ready to have some type of system for the kids to keep track of their chores getting done. I will keep you posted on how this all works out. Tomorrow will be our trial run!
On a side note, today was the official first day of the biggest loser contest. Lance and I had the "official" weigh in this morning. The final day will be on Thanksgiving morning. I think instead of a weight loss number we are going to go by the largest percentage of weight lost. This should be interesting! I was proud of Lance today he packed a lunch instead of eating out. It was a good day one for him!

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