I can jump with one arm

Yesterday, Landon went with me to get Mauryn up from her nap. He was very proud of himself because he can now jump on one foot. He was hopping around her room just wearing himself out. We came downstairs and were playing with Mauryn and Landon looks at me very seriously and says "Mom, do you want to see me jump with one arm?" I said "Sure" Landon proceeds to put his arm in his shirt and then hop around - you know hopping with one arm. I had to contain myself from just busting out in laughter. He had been really thinking about this whole thing. Here is a photo of Landon showing me how he jumps with one arm.
Mauryn is really starting to show her personality. I had to include this photo of her below. She likes to make funny faces and funny noises. Here she is doing one of her "faces".

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